I’ve ridden every kinds the motorcycles and also one thing around Harleys was standing out. Your weight. Why is it the Harleys space so heavy?Harley Davidson motorcycles room heavy due to their huge displacement engines (107-117 cu), huge transmissions and also steel frames. Harleys are designed for looks and also comfort, no agility and speed, and have huge fairings, difficult luggage and long tail pipes. The median Harley weighs 732 lbs, when the most difficult Harley CVO restricted is 944 lbs.

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Let’s take a closer look in ~ Harley load (we’ll usage wet weight throughout the post, unless otherwise stated).

6 reasons Why Harleys room so Heavy

Let’s begin with six factors why Harleys space so heavy:#1: Harleys have large enginesPart the the Harley heritage is their air-cooled twin cylinder engines with push-rod valve trains. That is very much a looks thing (big cooling fins and also no radiator and also fan). Because of the design of these engines, the motor cannot rev very high. And since power is a duty of engine RPMs and also torque, there is no RPMs Harley’s need a many torque.To uncover out why cruisers (and Harleys) are so slow, review this detailed short article I wrote.In stimulate to gain these heavy machines moving, big displacement engines are provided to deliver big amounts of torque low in the RPM range. Many Harleys have either a 107 cu (1 753 cc), 114 cu (1 868 cc) or 117 cu (1 923 cc) motor. That is nearly twin the dimension of your median top-of-the-range, 200 mph supersports bicycle (the Honda CBR 1000 RR has a 999 cc engine).The engine and also transmission are the two heaviest contents on any motorcycle, and also a big displacement engine usually needs a big-ass transmission. The engine layout is likewise responsible for Harley’s distinctive sound while idling. To learn more, read this detailed write-up I wrote.#2: Harleys have actually comfort and luxuryHarleys are generally designed come look good and in the situation of the touring models, to be super comfortable. Every additional component that is fitted to a motorcycle adds come the as whole weight that the bike. Harleys tend to have long twin chrome pipes, large handlebars, multiple big head lights and huge gas tank covers.
At 728 lbs, the Harley Davidson Heritage standard is the most heavy of the cruiser family (Image: HD USA)
To placed this into perspective, the large BMW R 1250 GS Adventure weights 591 lbs and the quickest Honda supersports bike, the CBR 1000 RR is just 428 lbs. This bikes were developed for a an extremely different function than a cruiser or tourer. Supersports bike developers do everything they can to store the load down, if adventure riders don’t want to hit a heavy bike in the dirt.What around other brands of cruisers and tourers?The vast Honda yellow Wing 1800 weighs 787 lbs which is much lighter 보다 the median Harley touring bike (like the Street Glides, Road kings or CVO models). In fact, the gold Wing is lighter than the road King Special, Harley’s lightest touring motorcycle (807 lbs). The 6-cylinder BMW K 1600 grand America is 802 lbs.
Honda’s most heavy bike, the yellow Wing 1800 is lighter than Harley’s lightest tourer (Image: Honda USA)
The heaviest Japanese cruiser I might find is the Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. 1 783 cc cruiser that tips the scale at 764 lbs. Interestingly, this is not only heavier than the average Harley cruiser (657 lbs), yet 5% heavier than the Harley Heritage classic 114 cu, the heaviest Harley cruiser (728 lbs).It is crucial to suggest out that the Harley Touring models space really big cruisers with huge fenders and luggage bolted top top it. They are really different from the street touring bikes that BMW and Honda make, for instance. BMW’s most heavy cruiser-tourer, the R 18 Transcontinental is 942 lbs, practically exactly the exact same as Harley’s most difficult tourer, the CVO minimal (944 lbs). For this reason it’s the cruiser-style the is so heavy to build.What about Harleys adventure bike?The long-awaited 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 distinct is Harley’s very first dip right into the an extremely popular adventure bicycle market. At 559 lbs, the HD Pan America 1250 unique is how amazing 5% lighter 보다 its closestly rival, the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure (591 lbs).
Harley’s first adventure bike, the Pan America 1250 distinct is lighter 보다 it’s rivals (Image: HD USA)

How lot do Harleys Weigh?

The most difficult Harleys, except the trikes (those ugly and also awkward-to-ride/drive three-wheelers), room the touring models which selection between 807 lbs (Road King Special) and 944 lbs (CVO Limited) through an typical weight the 864 lbs.The cruisers are slightly lighter and start in ~ 556 lbs through the old-school Forty-eight (pictured below). The most heavy cruiser is the Heritage classic at 728 lbs. The brand-new HD Pan America 1250 (534 lbs) and 1250 special (559 lbs) adventure bikes room on par through their the next rival, the BMW R 1250 GS (549 lbs).
I love the look of the Harley Davidson Forty-eight. But with rock-hard suspension it is no the many comfortable.
The table listed below sets the end all the weights of every the different Harley Davidson models consisting of their engine capacities and model family. The table is sorted indigenous the most heavy (ugly) trikes come the lightest Sportster S.Harley Davidson ModelFamilyEngine capacityDry weightWet (curb) weightCVO Tri GlideTrike117 cu (1917 cc)1239 lbs (562 kg)1269 lbs (576 kg)Tri Glide UltraTrike114 cu (1868 cc)1204 lbs (546 kg)1243 lbs (564 kg)FreewheelerTrike114 cu (1868 cc)1085 lbs (492 kg)1118 lbs (507 kg)CVO LimitedTouring117 cu (1917 cc)906 lbs (411 kg)944 lbs (428 kg)Road Glide LimitedTouring114 cu (1868 cc)897 lbs (407 kg)932 lbs (423 kg)Ultra LimitedTouring114 cu (1868 cc)880 lbs (399 kg)917 lbs (416 kg)CVO roadway GlideTouring117 cu (1917 cc)860 lbs (390 kg)893 lbs (405 kg)CVO Street GlideTouring117 cu (1917 cc)831 lbs (377 kg)866 lbs (393 kg)Electra Glide RevivalTouring114 cu (1868 cc)824 lbs (374 kg)862 lbs (391 kg)Road GlideTouring107 cu (1753 cc)820 lbs (372 kg)855 lbs (388 kg)Road Glide SpecialTouring114 cu (1868 cc)818 lbs (371 kg)853 lbs (387 kg)Street GlideTouring107 cu (1753 cc)796 lbs (361 kg)829 lbs (376 kg)Road KingTouring107 cu (1753 cc)794 lbs (360 kg)828 lbs (376 kg)Street Glide SpecialTouring114 cu (1868 cc)792 lbs (359 kg)827 lbs (375 kg)Electra Glide StandardTouring107 cu (1753 cc)781 lbs (354 kg)820 lbs (372 kg)Road King SpecialTouring114 cu (1868 cc)774 lbs (351 kg)807 lbs (366 kg)Heritage ClassicCruiser107 cu (1753 cc)697 lbs (316 kg)728 lbs (330 kg)Heritage ClassicCruiser114 cu (1868 cc)697 lbs (316 kg)728 lbs (330 kg)Sport GlideCruiser107 cu (1753 cc)670 lbs (304 kg)699 lbs (317 kg)Fat boy 114Cruiser114 cu (1868 cc)671 lbs (304 kg)699 lbs (317 kg)Low rider SCruiser114 cu (1868 cc)650 lbs (295 kg)679 lbs (308 kg)Fat Bob 114 Cruiser114 cu (1868 cc)653 lbs (296 kg)676 lbs (307 kg)Softail SlimCruiser107 cu (1753 cc)642 lbs (291 kg)671 lbs (304 kg)Streetbob 114Cruiser114 cu (1868 cc)634 lbs (288 kg)659 lbs (299 kg)Softail standardCruiser107 cu (1753 cc)630 lbs (286 kg)655 lbs (297 kg)Iron 883Cruiser54 cu (883 cc)545 lbs (247 kg)564 lbs (256 kg)Iron 1200Cruiser73 cu (1200 cc)547 lbs (248 kg)564 lbs (256 kg)Pan America 1250 SpecialAdventure76 cu (1250 cc)527 lbs (239 kg)559 lbs (254 kg)Forty-eightCruiser73 cu (1200 cc)545 lbs (247 kg)556 lbs (252 kg)LiveWireElectricn/a549 lbs (249 kg)549 lbs (249 kg)Pan America 1250Adventure76 cu (1250 cc)503 lbs (228 kg)534 lbs (242 kg)Sportster SSport76 cu (1250 cc)486 lbs (220 kg)502 lbs (228 kg)
Table the weights and also engine capacities of all the 2021 Harley Davidson models (Source: HD USA)


It is true the Harleys are heavier than most other brands. The key reason because that this is the architecture of a cruiser and most Harleys are cruisers. Compared to comparable designed cruiser-style bikes indigenous the Japanese and also Germans, the Harleys actually weight a little less.I’ve ridden a lot of Harleys over the years and they always handle much better than expected. The low seat elevation also method that the load is no that intimidating.Say what you like, Harleys would certainly not be as cool if they to be designed to weigh fifty percent as much.

Make certain You room Protected

Many riders skimp on protective riding equipment as it have the right to be rather expensive. Most motorcycle accidents happen throughout the first couple of months the riding, and a study released in the journal of Trauma verified 56% the injuries take place to lower extremities (ankles and also legs). Bicycle boots are as such a must.A helmet is a no-brainer, and so is a jacket. The hands are also high increase on the perform of injuries, due to the herbal reflex to catch yourself when you fall. If I constantly recommend getting the ideal gear you can afford, the doesn’t need to be the most expensive. Listed below is a perform of some great value gear available on Amazon that ns recommend:Helmet: HJC i70 (Street) or HJC DS-X1 (Dual sport)*Boots: Fly gyeongju MaverikJacket: Alpinestars T-Faster AirGloves: Alpinestars SP-8 v2* To find out whether you should get a full faced street helmet or a twin sport, examine out this post.Planning to go on much longer rides with your Yamaha? examine out these Harley saddlebags through Viking Bags.
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