Looking to name your brand-new band, but finding it difficult to come up with something catchy and also memorable? Here’s a straightforward solution: turn a globe, and stop it with your finger. That doesn’t issue where it lands or even if it is you’re indigenous there. Do you think the Montreal is native Montreal? perform you think style in Helsinki has ever before seen any type of actual design in Helsinki?

I’m not even sure jets to Brazil ever before toured almost everywhere in southern America. Prove me wrong.

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It doesn’t matter that there are no Swedish girls in Garaotas Suecas (they’re Brazilian) and no Brazilian girls in Brazilian girl (they’re American) — this names room not easily forgotten. The course, the glut that location-based band names is rapidly increasing, therefore if you great to name her band after areas like, ns don’t know…Butte*, or Hawaii*, or the phibìc Pole*…get ~ above it prior to these names space taken.

(*Please note: I named these three locations off the top of my head, and then go a Google search for every one. Butte, Hawaii, and North Pole space all surname of bands. There is no method you’re ever going to uncover a place that hasn’t had a band named after it. Sorry.)

Bands named After Cities



Boston is indeed from Boston, and their debut album, Boston, is the best-selling debut document in the unified States, selling more than 17 million copies. The album likewise contains the riff the Nirvana rotate inside-out, upside-down top top “Smells prefer Teen Spirit.”



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Like Boston, Chicago hails native the town for i m sorry they room named. The band formed in the so late ’60s, and became the leading us singles charting group during the 1970s.



France is nowhere close to Phoenix, Arizona, however this Versailles-based band apparently is a huge fan that the American Southwest. Or they’re named after the flaming supernatural bird. Both are great guesses.

Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge in reality hailed from Pearl River, Louisiana, a town that is in reality closer to brand-new Orleans 보다 to Baton Rouge. And also the band’s dick-swinging glam steel sound was closer to that of Ratt or Dokken than to the Dixieland jazz and blues that placed Louisiana ~ above the map.



Surprisingly, this band formed in Sweden in 2010, no in Texas in 1984, as their name and image could suggest.



Tucson-based Calexico named themselves after the US-Mexico border town. Both the band’s name and sound are meant to evoke photos of the Southwest — and also their second album, 1998’s The black color Light, is a concept album about the desert the Arizona and also northern Mexico.



Beirut, ostensibly named after the Lebanese city, started as a solo job of Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico’s Zach Condon. The band as soon as released one album the Balkan people with a Serbian-language title (Gulag Orkestar), album art featuring a photo uncovered in a library in Leipzig, Germany, and featuring a track called “Postcards native Italy.” Condon’s location is everywhere the damn place.



This Scottish band called after the town wherein Jesus played and romped together a carefree small boy performed the 1976 variation of “Love Hurts” the you heard a million time in those Gatorade commercials. The tape is tho performing to this day; in fact, Nazareth have been play for much more than 45 years now.



Reykjavik! space from Reykjavik, Iceland! follow to their on facebook pages, they have actually been “proudly fostering homosexuality due to the fact that 2003!” The tape members are Geiri! Gummi! Kristján! Haukur! Bóas! And Valdi! They choose exclamation points!

Defiance, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio is the hometown of Defiance, Ohio. Yet you have to admit, “Defiance” has a much better ring come it than “Columbus.”



Founded in 1978 in Los Angeles, Berlin scored among the greatest hits in the ’80s as soon as they created the tune “Take my Breath Away” for the Tom Cruise film Top Gun. They currently apparently carry out with a couple members of good Charlotte.

Bands named After States



After Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alabama is probably the second-most famous Southern rock band from Alabama. Wait — Lynyrd Skynyrd is in reality from Florida? You average all the talk around “Sweet house Alabama” was a lie? child of a…



Featuring singer Zeitia Massiah, this short-lived Eurodance band from England charted ago in 1994 through “Slide top top the Rhythm” however never produced one more hit.



Like Reykjavik!, Alaska! space super excited about their band name! The mountain Francisco-based trio had actually a five-year operation from 2000 come 2005, and featured Imaad Wasif, Lesley Ishino, and Russell Pollard, formerly of Sebadoh and also Folk Implosion.



Dust. Wind. Dude.



I’m starting to notification a sample here. Bands formed in the ’60s or ’70s, choose Kansas City’s Missouri, named themselves ~ the areas they were from. Now bands name themselves after random areas to it is in cute or quirky, or whatever.



Glasgow’s Texas took their name from the 1984 Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas. You recognize who is also named after Paris, Texas? Paris, Texas.

Bands named After Countries



If you’ve ever heard that America, you’d most likely think they’re American. And also if you’ve ever listened come their biggest hit track “A horse With No Name,” you’d think they’re Neil Young. But they’re no of those things.



Like America, brand-new Wave band Japan compliment from London, England. Naming your band after another country is a point they have in London.



Brazil has actually the difference of being perhaps the just band top top this perform that used the surname of no one, however two random areas they’re no from. Despite from Indiana, the tape was originally referred to as “London” — however, once they realized the a Hollywood-based band currently uses the name, they made decision “Brazil” randomly indigenous a map.



Jamaica is native Paris, and they used to be referred to as “Poney Poney,” i m sorry is a surname not only superior to “Jamaica,” yet to almost all various other band name ever.

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The front man of Spain, mockery Haden, is the older brother of the Haden triplets, Petra, Tanya, and also Rachel. Though based in California, Spain has an especially committed following in Europe, and even played at the 2007 Tanned Tin festival in Castellón.

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