NEW YORK ( -- Shares the Cabela's (CAB) to be jumping 14.35% to $62.81 in pre-market commerce on Monday after ~ Bass agree Shops claimed it would buy the firm for $65.50 every share in cash.

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The aggregate transaction value is around $5.5 billion, the companies said.

Additionally, Capital One Financial (COF) entered into a multi-year deal to originate and also service co-branded credit transaction cards to Cabela's customers.

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Sidney, NE-based Cabela's is a specialty retailer and also marketer of hunting, fishing, camping and also other outdoor merchandise.

Privately-held Bass pro Shops is a retailer of the end gear and apparel.

Separately, Ratings Team has actually a "Hold" rating v a score that C+ on the stock.

The primary factors that have impacted the rating room mixed. The company's strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such together its revenue growth, great cash flow from operations and also solid stock price performance.

But the team likewise finds weaknesses consisting of deteriorating network income, disappointed return ~ above equity and generally higher debt management risk.

Recently, Ratings objectively rated this stock according to its "risk-adjusted" full return possibility over a 12-month investment horizon. Not based upon the news in any type of given day, the rating may differ native Jim Cramer's watch or that of this articles's author.

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