When it involves different machines, they every seem to have actually nuances that need them to usage certain types of fuel. Oil is one of the most frequently “different” things needed to operate various engines. Simply look at lawnmowers and also weed whackers – or two different cars. The is necessary to recognize what friend are placing in her vehicle and also why. ATVs are no exemption to this rule.

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Is ATV and motorcycle oil the same? While ATV and motorcycle oil share very similar properties, there are slight differences in between them. ATV oil is rated JASO MA, if motorcycle oil can be rated JASO MA2 or MB. This method normally because that a manual wet clutch they room the same, but for one auto clutch ATV you need to use ATV (JASO MA) oil.

At first, this answer may sound choose gibberish come someone, especially someone who has never encountered ATV or motorcycle oil, however the fact is the there are differences in the ingredient of the oils that aid the vehicles carry out for their intended purpose.

Just like an day-to-day minivan requires various oil than an 18-wheeler, an ATV and motorcycle require various oil, too. Continue reading come learn an ext about the difference in between ATV and also motorcycle oil and how to ideal take care of her ATV engine.


Difference in between ATV Oil and also Motorcycle Oil

As mentioned above, over there is a minor certification distinction when it comes to the oil that is supplied in ATVs matches motorcycles. These distinctions may it seems to be ~ minute, but they are an important in the ways in which they influence your vehicle’s engine. Here are the distinct differences between these species of oils.

JOSA MAThe JOSA MA is for vehicles through a wet clutch. A wet clutch is different from a dried clutch in the it has actually a lubricant in between the friction plates. Because of this, JOSA MA oil is needed because it has an ext friction that helps to stop the clutch from slipping.JOSA MA2The JOSA MA2 is particularly for motorcycles, particularly when they have actually a catalytic converter (to to decrease the toxic and harmful gases and pollutants in the engine’s exhaust system). That has an ext zinc and phosphorus to aid it carry out best.JOSA MBJOSA MB is the form of oil that need to be used for automatically transmissions. They have friction modification which assist the gear shift operate together smoothly as possible, and aid offer fuel economy benefits together well. No all ATVs have automatic transmissions, hence an additional reason to be hesitant about using this for your ATV.

Here’s a quick video clip showing a pair wrong and right alternatives for ATV oil.

Best Oil because that an ATV

Most oils that room made particularly for ATVs (including assorted brands and models that ATVs) space going to be great for your an equipment and will certainly be all set to go upon purchasing and also refueling. Every you have to do is to fill the tank and get prepared for a trembling afternoon filled with high level of adrenaline and memories because that a lifetime.

To make this search much easier for you, I have some an individual preferences that i use consistently that are consisted of below.

Honda GN4 Motoroil

The Honda GN4 Motoroil (link to Amazon) is my personal favorite. I choose Honda, in general, together they are always taking things to the next-level (did you recognize they to be the first to have a maintenance-free battery?). I have an excellent results and also use this oil many regularly in my ATV.

Since this oil is tailor-made for ATVs, there room no worries about it causing any kind of issues v my vehicle. ATVs do not come in ~ a short cost, so the is vital to keep them with the suitable oil and other parts and also consistent maintenance.


YamaLube OEM 4 Stroke

Yamaha is another contender because that the ideal oil come use v your ATV. Comparable to the Honda company, they room constantly working to carry out the finest products. I love exactly how long their machines last i m sorry is probably enhanced by the oil used. You can uncover the YamaLube OEM 4 Stroke right here on Amazon.

If you are in search of a long-lasting ATV, and the right oil to go through it, this is a good option. Not just will you find that you receive a great value for her vehicle’s longevity, yet you have the right to have confidence that you are preserving it through the ideal oil and supplies.


Valvoline because that ATV/UTV

Valvoline because that ATV/UTV (link come Amazon) is the many standard name among oil. Think around it- her mom has actually likely heard that this brand yet may not understand of the miscellaneous ATV oil providers. If you are in a pinch or want to shop in person (not at a specialty shop), that is most likely that Valvoline will certainly be the best method to walk to ensure friend are getting a top-notch oil in ~ a an excellent price.

Valvoline’s reputation for oil is that it is a quality product at a respectable price. Rather of paying for motorcycle oil that does no belong in one ATV, instead, pick this alternative that is both affordable and also appropriate for your vehicle. The just worrying you will have to do is around which trail you will take her ATV on next.


Lucas Oil 10720

Lucas Oil 10720 (link to Amazon) is what i recommend because that anyone who desires a an ext affordable oil option. The is still a good source the oil and also will save your maker running well. However, the upfront price is going come be much less expensive than others the I have recommended on this list.

In my experience, the does no last as long as the Honda or YamaLube, yet it is still great for your ATV. Save in mind the this can mean the it is less cost-efficient overall, together you can have to refill your tank more frequently. But, if you are only planning a few shorter trips through your ATV, climate this will execute the trick and also will store your an equipment well-oiled.


These oil come in a selection of sizes, so friend can get the one that most suits your requirements in the regard. Also, these room going to be greater quality 보다 a many store-brand oils and will help your auto perform its absolute best.

If you space spending the time and money come invest in ATV talk in the very first place, climate surely you can understand the prominence of providing your car with the correct “nourishment” to assist it attain its greatest performance.

Related Questions around ATV Oil

When it comes to oil, this have the right to be one of the more facility topics in regards come ATV. In between certifications, friction, and clutches, to someone who is new to the ATV oil world, this would certainly be a many to take in. Below, I have actually answered a couple of conventional questions about ATV oil to assist you gain a much more straightforward response. Hopefully, this can help you to understand the basics.

Can you Use continuous Motor Oil in an ATV?

You must not use continual motor oil in an ATV. Continual motor oil is made for cars and trucks and also is no going come live as much as the same standard that the much more intricate friction ratings of her ATV needs. That is ideal to usage ATV-specific oil, or at the very least an oil that is the the same nature as an ATV-specific oil.

A list of ATV-specific oil to use for your ATV has actually been recommended over and include Honda GN4 Motoroil, YamaLube OEM 4 Stroke, Valvoline for ATV/UTV, and also Lucas Oil 10720. Be sure to inspect for the oil rating needed (JOSA MA, JOSA MA2, or JOSA MB) prior to using a brand of oil on her ATV.

Can ns Use synthetic Oil In my ATV?

Synthetic oil is frequently the best choice for her ATV. If girlfriend ride a lot, man-made oil will assist your ATV come perform most efficiently. Artificial oil hold up much better to higher temperatures and stays cleaner longer. It will assist you not require to readjust your oil as often if you are riding multiple time a week.

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When it comes to using artificial or non-synthetic oil for her ATV, the an option is at some point up to you. However, you should think about that fabricated is recommended and will offer you the finest results in the end. As it can assist your ATV to remain in its optimal performance quality, the is questionable why friend would choose otherwise.