There is no doubt the the SEC and also the large Ten are the two most storied and most dominant football conferences in the nation. No other significant conference has an ext National Championships or generates more interest than either the SEC or large Ten.

These days there a only a handful of continual season games between members that the SEC and large Ten, if any. The bulk of the yearly head-to-head matchups are booked for new Year’s Day bowl games.

SEC vs big Tenvs Illinivs IUvs Iowavs Michvs MSUvs Minnvs Nebvs NWvs OSUvs PSUvs Purduevs WiscWinLossTiesPctTotal SEC vs big Ten every Time24-7 vs Illini22-30-2 vs IU8-9 vs Iowa13-25-1 vs Mich11-11-1 vs MSU7-7-1 vs Minn45-87-4 vs Neb11-9-1 vs NW13-21-3 vs OSU21-23 vs PSU6-8 vs Purdue9-8 vs Wisc190246130.438
Alabama Crimson Tide1-00-00-02-21-00-13-20-03-010-50-00-1201100.645
Arkansas Razorbacks0-00-00-10-10-10-01-01-00-10-00-00-22600.250
Auburn Tigers0-01-00-01-11-00-01-31-01-0-11-10-01-1-18620.563
Florida Gators2-00-12-10-20-10-00-22-02-03-00-00-011700.611
Georgia Bulldogs0-00-00-01-12-10-01-10-01-00-12-02-09400.692
Kentucky Wildcats0-016-170-00-02-20-00-00-10-22-31-01-0222500.468
LSU Tigers1-02-10-10-01-00-00-5-10-01-1-10-20-02-071010.417
MSU Bulldogs1-10-30-01-01-2-10-00-10-10-00-00-00-03810.292
Missouri Tigers17-62-6-24-44-42-24-3-133-59-34-41-10-11-31-51-47411070.406
Ole miss out on Rebels0-00-00-00-10-00-11-00-00-00-00-10-01300.250
South Carolina Gamecocks0-00-10-12-10-00-01-30-12-00-20-00-05900.357
Tennessee Volunteers0-01-01-11-00-01-00-21-01-02-30-12-010700.588
Texas A&M Aggies2-00-01-01-21-20-04-101-00-41-30-10-0112200.333
Vanderbilt Comodores0-00-10-00-10-10-02-20-01-2-11-31-02-00-071820.296