This week sees the release of what will no doubt be the an extremely last DLC expansion for Treyarch‘s 2010 hit, Call the Duty: black Ops. The Rezurrection map pack is unexplained for a pair of reasons. Because that starters, it’s all Zombie maps– 5 of them, to it is in precise. Four of the 5 have currently been released, they’re the four Zombie mode maps indigenous Call of Duty: human being at War and its DLC expansions, previously obtainable in Black Ops because that those who got the Hardened or Prestige edition of the game: Shi No Numa–“Swamp”, Nacht Der Untoten–“Factory”, Verruckt–“Asylum” and also Der Riese–“Factory.”

The fifth map, “Moon,” is totally new and also pretty much the many insane zombie-killing playground that Treyarch has actually yet unleashed. The mode remains basically unchanged, in the you’re quiet tasked through killing large numbers of zombie while make the efforts to make it through for as numerous rounds as you can. There room still windows to build, wall surface weapons come buy, a secret Box, Perk-a-Cola machines, Pack-a-Punch upgrades… all of the facets that have developed over time to make Zombies setting awesome.

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All the said, Moon is the most dramatically various map yet for Zombies. Because that starters, you begin each enhance in a pre-round one zone top top Earth, at Area 51. The Pack-a-Punch upgrade device sits right in front of you, but the an initial order of company in this area — called No Man’s soil — is to make it through until an alarm starts buzzing and also a door blocking a surrounding teleporter opens. This starter area is enough of a minigame come warrant a brand-new leaderboard list, with No Man’s soil survivors being ranked follow to score, kills and time survived.

As soon as girlfriend teleport and also land ~ above the moon, her character starts choking. There’s no air here! Fortunately, you appear directly in front of a warehouse locker containing totally free P.E.S. Suits (i.e. Space suits), which you’ll have to grab and equip (up on the D-pad) in order come survive. You also quickly an alert that the moon’s low-gravity environment has a pronounced effect on her jumping abilities. You can’t go high enough to leap clear end a zombie’s head, however there’s a remarkable difference.

The map likewise includes a wide range of interactive elements and what is–without a doubt–the most fancy Zombies easter egg yet constructed. It’s also the most transparent one, though that’s not to to speak it’s a cakewalk. You’ll just have actually an simpler time complying with the clues and also finding each item of the puzzle together you go.

It’s difficult to call “Moon” the best map, however it is by far the largest and most elaborate of the 10 released so far. It’s very an overwhelming to remain alive here, even with no genuine “boss” zombies to concern about. There’s a slow-moving astronaut zombie that deserve to headbutt-teleport you to another component of the map, yet with just one showing up at a time, it’s really more of an inconvenience 보다 a consistent threat.

There’s additionally a map-specific hacking maker which sit in the same tools slot together your P.E.S., definition you can only bring one or the other. The hacking an equipment is essential to finish the easter egg, yet it can likewise be offered in a selection of other ways, anything from opened doors in ~ a discounted price come gifting points to another player.

The World in ~ War maps space physically the same to their appearance in the previous Treyarch Call of Duty game, despite the tools you can obtain from the an enig Box are all from a more contemporary era. They’re exactly the very same as the Hardened/Prestige edition versions of the maps, just everyone deserve to play lock now.

Zombies is a mode that is ideal enjoyed in a co-op play environment–this proves doubly true because that “Moon,” especially since a team of 4 is compelled to complete the easter egg–so don’t stroked nerves spending the money if you’re not going to have actually friends come play with and don’t want to walk into online gamings with randoms.

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The “Moon” map is cost-free if you obtained the World at War maps (or still have an unredeemed code) from the Hardened and Prestige editions. Black Ops has had quite a effective run in the previous year, and also Rezurrection proves to it is in the very delicious cherry on top of its as whole stellar package.