This is a track of fond farewell to a lover, and also it came to be Bob Hope’s signature song after it showed up in his movie, The big Broadcast that 1938. It won the Academy Award for best… read More 

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Thanks because that the memoryOf sentimental verse, nothing in mine purseAnd chuckles as soon as the preacher said"For far better or for worse"How lovely it wasThanks for the memoryOf Shubert's "Serenade," tiny things the jadeAnd web traffic jams and anagrams and bills we never paidHow lovely the wasWe who might laugh over huge thingsWere parted by only a slight thingI wonder if we did the right thingOh, well, that's life, i guessI love your dressDo you?It's prettyThanks for the memoryOf faults that you forgave, rainbows ~ above a waveAnd stockings in the container when a other needs a shaveThank you, so muchThanks for the memoryOf tinkly holy place bells, alma mater yellsAnd Cuban rum and towels from the very best hotelsOh, how lovely it was
Thanks because that the memoryOf cushions ~ above the floorHash with Dinty MooreThat pair of gay pajamas the you bought and also never woreSay, by the wayWhatever came to be of those pajamas?We said goodbye v a highballThen I gained as high as a steepleDid you?But us were intelligent peopleNo tears, no fuss, hooray for usStrictly entre nousDarling, how are you?And exactly how are all those tiny dreamsThat never ever did come true?Awfully glad i met youCheerio and also tootle-looThank youThank you so much
This is a track of fond farewell to a lover, and it became Bob Hope’s signature tune after it showed up in his movie, The huge Broadcast that 1938. It won the Academy compensation for ideal original song, and also reached the elevation of the popularity throughout WW2, when Hope offered it to close each of his USO reflects in Europe.


Ann Margaret and Bob Hope, Vietnam, 1968

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