Ciara and also Bow Wow were one of the sexty music couples the the 2000s. They to be young, famous, and also had individually successful careers. But their relationship ultimately didn’t make it through the limelight. Here’s a look ago at your romance and eventual split.

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Ciara and Bow Wow at a party for Bow Wow’s 19th date of birth | frank Mullen/WireImage

A timeline that Ciara and Bow Wow’s relationship

In an interview through VladTV, Bow Wow stated he met Ciara in 2004 once she appeared as one extra in a promotional video for one of his concerts.

Sometime after she broke out through her hit tune “Goodies,” the pair began dating. Romantic rumors surfaced later in 2004 as soon as they were photographed together on miscellaneous occasions. However neither that them handle the rumors at the time. The speculation continued as they began making music together in 2005 v the Billboard-charting fight “Like You.”

In November of that year, the artists showed up on the cover of Vibe and gave one interview whereby they opened up around their relationship. Ciara continued to play coy on the rumors, but the ever-impulsive Bow Wow came straight out and said Ciara was his girl.

Explaining his decision to go public, he said: “People to be seeing us at basketball games in Atlanta. We take into consideration ourselves normal—we choose to walk out. Honestly? i don’t check out what the huge deal is.” however Ciara argued, “Once you let everyone right into your world, there’s nothing left.”

Even though Bow Wow had actually no issue with letting the civilization in on your relationship, castle kept most of it the end of the public eye before splitting in 2006.

Why Ciara and also Bow Wow broke up

Asked to elaborate on the factor behind your breakup, Bow Wow said VladTv the he struggled to navigate the pressure of reputation while date her.

“I was in a major relationship beforehand in mine career, at the hottest time whereby I’m the sexty thing,” he began. “Once again, those impacts … every those women desire you, and also my OGs is telling me this.”

“They’re informing me I’m not living. They’re telling me I’m not suffering the things I have to experience. ‘Sit her a** down once you’re older.’ and also I was acting favor grandpa in ~ 17 and 19 and also then I just started hear like, ‘Man, they’re right’ and started gift in the streets, clubbing a lot, no wanting to come home, and also you know just how that goes,” the continued.

Bow Wow added, “I just acquired sucked right into the game and also I had to recognize with myself like, damn currently is the moment that I must be alone the end here and also living my life and also we just went our different ways.”

There are rumors your breakup affected his 2007 song “Outta mine System,” whereby he laments end an ex and also how tough it was to relocate on. However, that doesn’t show up that Ciara ever before addressed it.

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Ciara and Bow Wow’s stays after their split

For she part, Ciara supposedly went to day stars such together 50 Cent, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Future, with whom she shares a son, Future Zahir, 6. After ending her engagement through the “Mask Off” rapper, Ciara relocated on through NFL star Russell Wilson, whom she married in July 2016 after about a year of dating. They space expecting their 2nd child in 2020.