I won't lie, mine taste of music is all over the map. From heavy metal and also hard rock, to violin music and also jazz, there's not much I won't listen to. I typically take an attention in the lyrics, and the story being said in the songs i listen to (for example, i recently increased my horizons into rap as soon as my boyfriend presented me to machine Gun Kelly). But, that's no what my objective is today. Today, I want to showcase songs from among my every time favourite bands, break Benjamin.

Their songs all tell a story; people that space told so well told. There are not numerous songs by them the I execute not like, and also there are numerous I have the right to relate to. If you haven't listened to any of their songs, I deserve to safely call you, you're definitely absent out.

Without additional ado, I've controlled to narrow the list down to their best ten songs because that those days wherein you simply need come escape reality.

10. Dear Agony

This was one of the very first songs I had heard native the band, and also I think indigenous the beginning it was instantly one of my favorites. It's hard not to gain lost in the story that this song. Despite I'm certain the artist has actually their vision and also symbolism because that the song, it's hard not to create your own.

In this song, the gaianation.netist talks around the pain and also suffering he has actually been through, and wishes for nothing much more than the pain come end. Lyrics choose "I will fight because that one last breath \ I will fight until the end" argues an apparent suicide. The has battled a long battle, however is all set for forever to traction him down.

Maybe to most civilization this wouldn't be their 'go to' song to escape reality; but for me, and also many others, this song has actually helped castle through tough times of your own.

Check out a preview of to ~ Agony here, on apologize Music, and here for Spotify.

9. Close to sky

This one reminds me the forgiveness. It’s an additional favourite of mine indigenous them, one that I always find myself hear to when I simply want the world to walk away. Favor a most the songs on this album, I think he is speaking directly to God in part instances.

Check the end a preview of close to heaven on apologize Music, or Spotify!

8. Red Cold flow

Once you check out the video for this song, it’ll really gain you thinking. It has a dark message, and also a deep meaning. Hate deserve to be consuming; and also so deserve to grief. Without providing away too lot of the video, it really reflects us the strength grief and hate have actually over a person; it speak a chilling tale.

Check out a preview that Red Cold flow on to apologize Music, or Spotify! If friend really want chills, check out the YouTube video clip below!

7. Dance with the devil

This track reminds me the the ‘dance’ we deserve to sometimes have actually between an excellent and evil. This track is indigenous the album, Phobia, therefore it most likely is in recommendation to his battle with alcoholism. Top top their recent album, Auroa, they invite Adam Gontier to song along since Ben, and this variation is additionally a an excellent listen. Nevertheless of which one you listen to, it has actually the ability to move you away.

Check out a preview that Dance through the devil on to apologize Music, or Spotify! They likewise did a version featuring Adam Gontier from three Days Grace, check that out right here too!

6. Without You

This song at very first always reminded me of a person, but the more I listened come it, the an ext I realized it to be not about a someone, rather a something. While a many of civilization can translate this song as being about a mrs or male who left, ns take it together the singer speak to his self. Due to the fact that his battle with alcohol is well known, I think this tune is him talking to his various other self. Nevertheless of whichever method you look at it, the song is filled through such emotion, it’s difficult not to love. Offer it a listen, perhaps you’ll have actually your very own interpretations!

Check the end a preview of without You on apple Music, or Spotify!

5. Angels fall

This is another song v a great music video, that I absolutely encourage you to watch. The track itself serves as a reminder that regardless of everything that we go through, and also regardless of the circumstances we’re in, there always is hope.

Check out a preview of Angels loss on apologize Music or Spotify! Also, be sure to check out the music video for this one too- discover that here!


4. Anthem that the Angels

Anthem that the Angels was an instant favorite the mine once I an initial listened come it. The song is sad in nature, yet it takes me right into the psychic of the singer. It's a song about watching a loved one die from dementia. Lock are required to watch together their loved one progressively fades away, and eventually forgets the singer altogether. But, regardless of everything, the singer never ever leaves their side; they never ever will; they'll go through it together.

Listen come a preview of Anthem the the Angels below for apple Music, and here because that Spotify

3. Breath

This was ns think the an initial ever song I heard from them. This is what automatically had me hooked ~ above them together a band, and had me hear to every their other songs. The tune reminds me of one absuive relationship, whether it be through a human being or substance.

Check out a preview that Breath on apple Music, and on Spotify!


2. Ashes of Eden

I always considered this track my 'soul jam'. Of all the songs of this album, this is certainly one the my optimal choices, despite it's very hard to choose. This song reminds me of someone who is singing to someone that is gone. They song to the sky, wonder if the person is still with them, and also if castle are, why can't they feeling their presence? It seems as if this track is gift sung probably to God, and also he is seeking forgiveness; that doesn't want to be left alone. This song gives me chills every time i listen to it, and it'll always find its way onto my playlist once I'm having actually one of those days.


Check the end a preview the Ashes the Eden on apple Music, and also Spotify.

1. The Dark of you

And my first choice song, and also in my opinion on the their finest songs, is The Dark the You, from your album "Ember". The song appears to be about losing belief in humanity. It’s just one of those songs that i listen to, close my eyes, and also let the text take me away.

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It has deep meaning, and also was conveniently one of the finest songs in my opinion ~ above the album.

Check out a preview that The Dark of friend on to apologize Music, and Spotify!

Be sure to that course, give all of their music a listen; trust me once I say you won't regret it! It to be hard enough to small this list under to just ten- simply listen to them all!