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Here"s a link to the day codes that offered on The Browning High power Pistols. FN uses the same date codes, for this reason the above link will job-related for FN marked HP"s and also the Browning High Power.
"LONG LIVE THE FN-BROWNING-SAIVE HIGH POWER"John Browning & Dieudonne Saive"s design Will always be irradiate Years ahead of all the Others.I"d quite beat a negative guy to death with mine Browning High Power, than shoot the dead with a "plastic pistol".Fighting Tyrants & Traitors is a 24/7 task that have to be Done!The 2nd Amendment was not written in bespeak to safeguard your ideal to shoot deer, that was composed to safeguard your appropriate to shoot tyrants if lock take end the government. ~ referee Andrew Napolitano complimentary Men perform Not asking Permission to Bear Arms. ~ thomas Jefferson
Thanks for her suggestion. Ns really evaluate that girlfriend took all this time to try and help us. Keep up the an excellent work. Keep on taking action.
The Browning website doesn"t encompass anything from john Inglis. I"m brand new to this forum and am do the efforts to date my 2 Hi-Powers. One is serial # 4Txxxx and also the various other is 8Txxxx. The 4T gun has a decal ~ above the tight in blue yellow and red with a maple leaf and also Canada spelt in English Chinese and Russian.

4Ts were produced from December 1944 and January 1945 (ending v 4T3047) climate again in April 1945 (beginning v 4T3048). 8T series was created sometime throughout August to October 1945.A recommendation you should have is Clive Law"s wonderful Inglis Diamond; The Canadian High strength Pistol.

Edwin, it need to be remembered the this list is for Browning arms Co. Significant BHPs. FN significant ones might well have actually gone far beyond the reported S/Ns.

Edwin:As you know, based upon the pistol, there are Browning marked T collection hi powers with numbers over the reduced off suggested on the chart. Browning sold all your C series hi powers in 1969 and the instantly following years. Browning under approximated demand. At that time, the Browning/FN connection was tho customer/client. Browning ordered earlier fill mid-year those years. FN supplied them v T serial numbered pistols. The graph does not incorporate pistols such together yours.
Dating a hi powerI have actually a FN Browing with a serial # beginning with L2####. Any idea of an manufacture date?

It has actually a oval v crown through letters LG in side, this mark is ~ above the barrel and on the create guard. It has a R ~ above the barrel lug. And also a second mark on the lug that i can"t I"d. Could be an IV with a circle around it?I bought that from A company in Monteral called century arms?
I have one through the serial no. T293xxx. Do I take it it the it was produced in 76? that is in NRA fantastic condition, yet I dislike the sights and tiny safety, but don"t recognize if I desire to modify it or not. I also have an FEG High strength copy that i upgraded and is my van pistol, and also it is accurate and also functions great. But does not have actually the fit and also finish of mine Browning i m sorry is basically a for sure queen now. Yes, really don"t recognize what come do.
Hello Popplecop:The brief Answer is:Your T series was make after the T26xxx shown by the chart because that 1969. Who knowledgeable could examine her Txxxxx and also determine when the frame and slide to be made. That year or years might or may not it is in dispositive as to the year the total was populated with small parts and also shipped. In any event, that is most likely not later on than 1972. Your pistol to be FN earlier fill Browning ordered after every C series were talked for in those years. The pistols were provided by FN with FN serial numbers rather of the brand-new Two digit year complied with by a C. Browning either did not keep the documents for those earlier fill T series or walk not incorporate the details in the chart.
In checking roughly trying to age my Browning Hi power T series came up v 2 of castle with greater serial nos. Climate listed. This were marketed by the RIA (Rock Island Auction) in 2012. This is a high finish auction house. One had the serial no. The T277067 and also the other T263817. Looks prefer I might have to invest some money and also send to Browning for a letter.
The chronicler may have the price on the phone. I am certain he gets questions all the time about secret T serial numbers past the graph coverage. If you speak to him, you re welcome pass follow me whether he has actually the answer. The may aid others to understand if castle archived the info around this specific range. I had actually two past the chart myself yet was interested just slightly in year the production. Not certain if browning uses the pay every letter business like Colt. I saw whereby someone acquired the details by contacting FN.
Browning fees 39 bucks for it, however does include a lot of info. To be going to call very first but will certainly cc in hand if needed. Many thanks for all the help, will certainly advise what I uncover out.
Browning High strength WW2 Issue
I am trying come locate details on a Browning High power that my dad brought ago from WW2, I also have every the paperwork that allowed him to carry it back. I would appreciate any information for the Fabrique Nationale listing the serial number from the WW2 time period. The serial number in inquiry is 827804. Many thanks for the assist.
Mark, welcome to the website.Pictures that the gun and it"s markings would certainly be useful for giving you a best feasible answer to her question.
Oldie FN anyone know just how old serial number 4196 would certainly be?
Greetings come everyone!! ns was searching for some information, please:I inherited this pistol from mine Father. All component srl #s match (4196) He said it to be issued to an Austrian letter carrier, his name, "Bruno" is on the box, together well. That is european in that the create is dis-engaged once the mag. Is removed, and the mags don"t "drop free", either. I have 2 mags with the very same serial number ~ above them. Have the right to anyone take a stab w/ any type of history, or a assumption: v on the age of this well piece?Thanks in advance, for her replies-Mike, a.k.a. "Hainiac"
G"day Mike, welcome come the forum. The markings, on slide legend, proof marks, etc. Tell more of the story 보다 does the serial number. It would help if friend could administer pictures - or at least, a summary of any and also all markings.

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