I to buy this Browning BL-22 in 1972-3. The rifle is supposedly a special enhancement since it has actually a gold colored trigger, engraving on the lever and also sides. The stock additionally has engraving . I think this rifle is a grade 3. Can you offer me an estimated value because that this rifle. Image attached.

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Thank girlfriend






Your rifle to be made in 1971. That is a class II and also the estimated value selection is $450 - 500 as shown by your photos.

In the gunstore where I work, us recently had a class 1 BL-22 in our offered gun rack. It marketed rather conveniently for $700. So ns would need to say the a great 2 BL-22 would lug at least $850 or so.

Really? when a new Grade II with an intricate Walnut or AAA Maple furniture can be purchased for around $700 - 800? In this area I have actually not seen any type of special need for an early Made in Japan rifle. I do think the triggers have a better feel top top the older models contrasted to the more recent ones though.

I would mean to watch a revenue at a price comparable to this recent no make reservation auction, but regional differences in need for this model may vary significantly. Https://www.gunbroker.com/item/794406079

Here is a current listing for a equivalent early design Grade II that did not tempt an opening bid for $499. Https://www.gunbroker.com/item/790942370

The just BL-22 rifles that I have seen offer for end $800 lately have actually been the Octagon Barrel version which does seem come command a premium.

I sure execute not want to undercut any estimate of value so if I have actually misidentified or let go something special around this BL-22 please allude me in the best direction. These are fun rifles to shoot!

7 months ago

How would certainly you know if that a 1-2-3

7 month ago

Grade 1 rifles perform not have checkered wood, and have no engraving. Great 2 rifles have some checkering and are engraved prefer the one shown in the original post. Grade 3 rifles have a silver plated receiver, profusely engraved, and an extremely fancy checkering.

7 month ago

Easiest method to identify the great is how much engraving is top top the next of the receiver. The much more embellishment the greater the grade.

7 month ago

Ok then I have actually grade 1 thanks


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