Inthis collection of lessons, you will learnuseful spelling rulesinEnglish.This class talks around different letter to do the /k/ sound inEnglish. We will certainly look at part guidelines and also examples so what willfeel an ext comfortable using the letter k, c, and thecombination qu.

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Downloada cost-free worksheet + price key.Kingsand queenswear crowns.These three words are all pronounced through /k/ sound at thebeginning, but they room all assignment differently. Perform you understand why?We will start with the letter c,which is the most usual letter used for this sound in English.

The letter C

1. Solitary C


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Coreyis a very activecat!As you can see, the letter ccan come virtually anywhere in the word. It is used for a /k/ sound beforeconsonants and the collection a,o, and u.The single cis the most usual letter offered for this sound. Here are part commonexamples:actorcornbacondirectcarrypictureculturepelican

2. Twin C


People have parties come celebrate special occasions.As you learned in lesson 1 the this collection about the "magic" e,a solitary consonant in between two vowels can mean the the an initial vowel ispronounced with a lengthy sound rather of a brief sound.If the word requirements to save on computer a short vowel sound before the /k/ sound, us candouble the cin the center of the word.Here space some more common words through a double c pronounced v a /k/ sound ~ ashort vowel sound:accountbroccolihiccupaccurateoccupytobaccoraccoonaccuse

The letter K


Janet and Emily are really kind.They love to share.We saw above that the letter cis usually offered for a /k/soundbefore the collection a, o, and u, but if the /k/sound is before the vowels e,i, or y. (When the k comes before a y, the is almostalways in ~ the end of words.)Here space some common examples of the letter k for a /k/ sound before an e, i, or y.kingmakeskinskillriskypokerkeepThe letter kis additionally used at the finish of one-syllable native after any type of sound except ashort vowel sound.For example:milktanksoakpeekcorkhawklookbark

The CK combination


Looking at the clockcan be really stressful throughout a test!The ckcombination is offered at the finish of a one-syllable word after a shortvowel sound.Here are some usual examples:pickluckpackstickwrecklickduckWe additionally use the ck combinationafter a short vowel sound and also before a collection e, i, or y. This is a littleless common.Here room some examples:rockingpickyluckyblackestpicnicking

The QU combination

Eleanor desires to questioning a question.The qucombination is likewise common in English, yet it is crucial to rememberthat this has actually a /kw/ sound,not just a /k/ sound.It can have some various pronunciations, yet this is the most common.The letter qis not created alone in English, however is always followed through a u.Here are some typical examples that quwith a /kw/sound:quietsquintsquashqueenquarterquackquizsquarerequirequote


So, let"s evaluation what we have actually learned around common English suffixes:The single letter cpronounced as /k/can come nearly anywhere in the word and comes before the collection a, o, and also u.The twin letter cpronounced together /k/comes ~ a short vowel.The letter kcomes before the collection i, e, or y. It also comes atthe finish of one-syllable words after any sound except ashort vowel sound.The ckcombination is supplied at the finish of a one-syllable indigenous after a shortvowel sound. Much less commonly, it comes after a quick vowel sound andbefore a vowel e,i, or y.The qucombination is usual in English and is pronounced as /kw/.

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