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authorize Lease at 17 with Parental Consent (apartment, deposit, credit transaction report, legally)
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Hey guys. I currently live in California, but I"d prefer to relocate to NYC this summer. I am 17 years old, will certainly be graduating school in 1 month, and plan on having a full time expert job inside wall up prior to I go. My inquiry is: will certainly I be able to sign a lease being 17? my dad and I have no issues using him together a cosigner, however I"m concerned that no one will be open up to that due to the fact that he"s going come remain below in Cali. Any kind of tips/advice? I"m very mature and also independent for my age, therefore I"m not searching for those "don"t rush your life" answers lol.
Not only have the right to you not sign a contract at 17 you won"t gain a permanent job in NYC either. Doesn"t matter how mature you are. NYC has actually some severe child job laws. Unless you space emancipated. But that have the right to take more than a year to obtain from the court and also by then you will certainly be 18.
No landlord will authorize a contract v a 17 year old...the contract won"t it is in binding because that you (but will certainly be because that them).

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Not only have the right to you not authorize a contract in ~ 17 friend won"t acquire a full time job in NYC either. Doesn"t matter exactly how mature friend are. NYC has some major child labor laws. Unless you room emancipated. But that can take much more than a year to acquire from the court and also by then you will be 18.
Child labor laws don"t take effect if said minor is a high college grauate, so occupational isn"t an issue. What if mine dad were to authorize the lease and put me as an occupant, however only I lived there and also payed the rent? Or is that the exact same thing

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