Sr. Valeria Lewandoski v her rescue dog Pancho. "For me, it"s crucial to rescue. Ns love nature,"" Lewandoski says.

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Growing up, she believed she could want to be a part of a spiritual community and also was a Francescan affiliate when in college. Yet there were a lot of alters happening in the Catholic Church, and she no stay.

“When you are young, you have much more romantic ideas about a calling and what spiritual life might be,’’ she said.

Lewandoski visited graduate college for social work. She was employed together a clinical social worker in Chicago and also Portland, whereby she met her previous husband. They to be married for 7 years and remain friends.

“I wasn’t at house in marriage. I didn’t do an extremely well,’’ Lewandoski said. “I feel prefer being part of a community is an ext natural for me somehow.’’

Work she did at the counseling center with the Sanctuary of our Sorrowful mommy in Portland brought her in call with the Servants of Mary. The order’s compassion revived her feelings around a vocation. She no a usual candidate, yet the order to be accepting of her life journey, and also her desire come pledge herself to a life of poverty, celibacy and also obedience.

Now she resides in a neighborhood in v Sister Linda Hess, OSM, and also her dog, Tabor. Three-legged Pancho is Lewandoski’s dog. Both are rescues.

“For me, it’s vital to rescue. Ns love nature,’’ Lewandoski said. “Communicating with various other species, it seems favor it’s important.’’

Lewandoski stated her experiences as a solitary and married woman helps in her current work for the Servants that Mary.She go counseling, spiritual direction and retreat work and also book sharing groups at the Servite center of Compassion at the mommy house.

She additionally enjoys her interactions with the various other nuns in she community, i beg your pardon is based on the Marian High school campus.

“I feel like I’ve end up being a far better person,’’ she said. “The compassion the the ar has rubbed off on me. I’m thankful for that.’’

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A spiritual vocation doesn"t constantly come early on in life. Because that some, it come after a lifetime of experience. A tragedy might lead them down a new path or for others, it"s simply the realization the they desire to serve their faith and also others. Meet three world who obtained their calling late. “You never know just how long you are going to be here,” says Rabbi Brian Stoller, one of the three. “I had actually this idea that what I want to execute in life. I made decision to go for it.’’