Delicious, nutty, crunchy sunflower seeds room a snack synonymous with summertime. Sunflower seeds space much much more than simply a pastime; these seed are also a nutritious source of necessary facets to person function, consisting of fatty acids, protein, minerals, and also vitamins.

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But deserve to dogs eat sunflower seeds just as us can, or are sunflower seeds poor for dogs?

If you"ve been asking yourself, “can I give my dog sunflower seeds,” the price is YES – dogs can eat sunflower seeds with a couple of caveats. You should pay attention to moderation, size, and that all sunflower seeds are unsalted and also peeled.

In this article, we"ll look in ~ what sunflower seed are, what nutrition they deserve to provide, dogs can eat sunflower seeds safely, and also the feasible side effects.

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What room sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds space grown indigenous the sunflower, a tall, herbaceous plant that belongs come the family Asteraceae.

Sunflowers are indigenous to the middle regions that America and became critical crop that has since spread worldwide.

This plant is composed of two flowers: a perimeter flower that includes the very recognizable yellow petals and also the main section the is comprised of numerous tiny fertile flowers.

It is indigenous this part of the sunflower that the edible seed grow.

The sunflower’s seeds space conical in shape, have actually a black exterior shell and also a solitary edible kernel inside.

This is what peeled sunflower seed look like:

So can dogs have actually sunflower seeds through no issues? Yes, dogs deserve to eat sunflower seeds without any type of problems, provided they room fed in moderation and also with strict care.

When sunflower seeds space fed to dog in an suitable amount, sunflower seeds can an increase your dog’s health because of the multitude of vitamins and minerals that they contain.

Pet owners need to ensure they only buy natural sunflower seed that have no included salt or any type of other spices and flavors to them.

You must peel all sunflower seeds before you offer them to her dog.

If you follow these directions, sunflower seeds have the right to be an extremely healthy and beneficial to your dog and particularly improve his skin and hair coat.

Common Questions about Dogs eating Sunflower Seeds

Want come learn much more before providing your dog a sunflower seed or two? check out on.

What happens If a Dog Eats Sunflower Seeds?

If your dog only has actually one sunflower seed, you more than likely won"t an alert any difference at all.

However, if girlfriend let your dog eat sunflower seed excessively, you may need come look the end for vomiting or diarrhea. Little dogs and puppies may likewise develop one inflamed pancreas.

The most crucial thing to remember is that your dog eating sunflower seed in little quantities is fine. Yet you have to avoid offering him as well many.

Are Sunflower Kernels Poisonous come Dogs?

Sunflower kernels aren"t poisonous, however you still desire to protect against shells with your dog"s sunflower seeds consumption.

That is since your canine can not break v the sunflower seed shell as we human beings do. This means that her dog is likely to eat the whole thing, shell and also all.

That can lead to minister blockages, which deserve to be very serious. This is specifically problematic for little dogs.

Can Sunflower seed Make dog Sick?

If you let her dog eat sunflower seeds shells, then yes, this can make that sick. He can also get sick if the eats too numerous of the seeds.

However, that is simple to minimize the threat of your dog getting sick from his seeds snack. Simply be sure to provide him seed without the shells and never provide him too many.

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If you notification his digestive mechanism gets upset, take into consideration finding a different healthy snack following time.