Two north Carolina guys are wanted after a deadly shoot in Asheville. ~ this fatal shooting, among the doubt is encountering charges for first-degree murder, test first-degree murder, robbery through a attention weapon, and also possession of a firearm by a felon. In countless cases, defendants charged through possession of a firearm through a felon space charged with various other crimes at the exact same time. Possession that a firearm through a felon is really serious charge in north Carolina.

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If you are dealing with charges because that possession of a firearm by a felon, ours legal team deserve to help. In ~ Arnold & Smith, PLLC, us have successfully helped numerous individuals facing serious criminal charges. We recognize how difficult it is come worry about your future together a criminal defendant. The sooner you contact an proficient criminal defense lawyer, the better. contact our Charlotte criminal defense regulation firm as quickly as feasible to schedule your instance evaluation.

What Constitutes the Crime the Possession of a Firearm through a Felon?

convicted felons in phibìc Carolina space prohibited from own a firearm pursuant come the Felony weapons Act. Convicted felons space prohibited native owning a firearm, possessing a firearm, having actually a firearm in their treatment or custody, and also controlling a firearm or any weapon capable of inflicting mass destruction and also death. Those who fail to follow this restrictions and violate the law can face felony criminal dues punishable by a prolonged prison sentence.

What is taken into consideration a Firearm Under the Statute?

The statutory language under the Act, defines a firearm to be any type of weapon, consisting of a starter gun, which will, is designed to, or deserve to readily be convert to, expel a projectile by the activity of one explosive, or its frame or receiver, or any kind of firearm muffler or firearm silencer. Antique firearms are an exemption to the statute, and include any kind of of the following:

Any firearm manufactured throughout or before 1898.Any replica that a firearm manufactured during or prior to 1898, so long as the replica is not designed or redesignedAny muzzle loading rifle, muzzle loading shotgun, or muzzle loading pistol, which is draft to use black flour substitute, and also which cannot use addressed ammunition. which Crimes are Felonies Under phibìc Carolina Law?

North Carolina legislation prohibits someone from own a firearm as soon as that person has actually a felony conviction in phibìc Carolina. A suspect with a felony conviction in a state various other than phibìc Carolina or under federal regulation can likewise face charges for possession of a firearm under phibìc Carolina law. However, over there is an exception: those convicted of a felony violation pertaining come antitrust violations, unfair profession practices, or restraints of trade are allowed to possess a firearm and also may hence apply for a gun allow or license.

really Possession the a Firearm together a Felon

Possession of a firearm may be either constructive or actual. Really possession requires an individual to have physical or an individual custody that the firearm and also may it is in proven through circumstantial evidence. An individual has constructive possession when he or she does not have actually the firearm in their physical presence, yet nonetheless has actually the power and intent to keep control and also dominion over it.

The Penalties for Possession that a Firearm together a Felon

In north Carolina, a person convicted that possession the a firearm through a felon shall be punished as a course G felon. Those convicted of a course G felony confront prison sentences between 9 and 47 months. The more criminal convictions a person has actually in their background, the much more this potential prison sentence rises under phibìc Carolina’s Structured Sentencing regime.

Is that Ever possible to restore Your right to own a Firearm as a Felon?

North Carolina citizens that have been judge of a single nonviolent crime and have regained your citizenship rights might petition the court to eliminate their disentitlement to possess a firearm and restore their firearms rights in the state. If approved, restoration of one individual’s firearm possession rights in north Carolina allows that human being to legitimate purchase, own, possess, or have in their custody, care, or control a firearm.

The petition process for restoration of firearm possession civil liberties is facility and can vary depending on the scenarios of your case. If you wish to regain your guns rights, contact our Charlotte criminal defense attorneys now to let us walk you through the legitimate process.

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