What is not taken into consideration a weapon that is legal for a convicted felon come legally own, possess, bring and/or use?

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A: There space very couple of attorneys who answer inquiries from her state ~ above this forum. I suggest that you execute an web search on this and also learn what friend can, climate go see a regional attorney about this. You can probably look up the statute right below on gaianation.net, or ~ above the internet.


A: The weapons you explain would not be prohibited come a judge felon under the Federal guns Act (assuming the muzzle-loader to be designed or built before 1898). But there might be state laws which apply; i agree v Mr. De Groot (Note the footer below, i m sorry cautions, among other things, that "... No responses on this forum constitute legit advice ..." ) and suggest that you call an attorney in her state or do the statutory research study on her own.


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