Some countries do not require a U.S. Citizens to have a passport before entering. So, a convicted felon will not have actually a problem going to any of this countries. But, there room plenty of countries that carry out require a passport and a visa. A judge felon v a passport is not guaranteed entry once a visa is required.

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No Visa Country and also Convicted Felon 

There are plenty of countries that do not questioning a U.S. Citizen for a visa once visiting them. So, any persons through a valid U.S. Passport can enter without issues, also a convicted felon. Some of these nations include the following:

Caribbean countriesMexicoColumbiaEcuadorPeruVenezuelaEuropean countriesSouth AfricaThailand

Keep in psychic a precious passport is a necessity and also the six-month passport validity dominion applies. For much more information on travel restriction for a convicted felon here.

Countries where Visas is Required and Criminal documents is Requested

Some nations that call for a U.S. Citizen to have a visa for entry may want you to get it prior to traveling or top top arrival. Throughout the visa application, these nations will ask around your criminal background and might not problem a visa relying on the crime. Such nations are


With a felony conviction, you might be refuse entry. Other countries that call for a pre-entry visa space Brazil and also India. The good news about Brazil and also India, your visa application does not ask around a criminal record. So, a convicted felon deserve to travel to any of these countries without are afraid of denying entry.

Where to apply for a Visa?

Most countries have an embassy in the U.S. For the reason; plenty of require girlfriend to apply for one in ~ the embassy in the state friend reside in. Others choose you usage online. An electronic visa dubbed ETA (Electronic travel Authority) is forced to take trip to Australia or India. Part visas are valid for 90 work while others can be for up ten years. You might need a visa valid because that one entry if others prefer China and Brazil vi are great for multiple uses in a ten-year span.

Some nations have complex visa processes. The finest advice is to look for visa solutions to prevent any type of delays; especially, if a visa is required in advancement or also if friend can acquire one at a harbor of entry. Acquiring one as soon as you arrive have the right to take time far from her trip. Additionally as a felon, you execute not desire to be denied entry ~ making her trip.

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If you arrangement to visit any country that needs a visa for entry, apply at an embassy method in advice to prevent any disappointment. If a visa is just granted at the harbor of entry, that is finest to ask in ~ an embassy if you will be refuse entry based upon your conviction prior to boarding your flight. It is essential to so the you have the right to go to an additional country that might not require a visa come visit.