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The complying with questions were submitted to man Roska, one attorney/writer who weekly newspaper column, "The law Q&A," ran in the Champaign News Gazette. 


What have the right to a parent carry out with a kid who is over 18, has actually finished school however is no working, and also is a constant problem in and also out that the home? i’ve heard it’s possible to evict them. Is the true? deserve to I it is in liable for what the kid does, if they’re end 18?


Generally speaking, parents only have actually duties come minor children. Once kids turn 18, those duties end. You have the right to evict one adult kid from her home, and then turn your earlier on them.

Under the Illinois Parental obligation Law, you deserve to be liable for the personal or residential property damages brought about by the “willful or malicious acts” the a son “not however 19 years of age,” if they actually live with you. It’s not basic to do parents liable under the law, but it extends your feasible exposure an additional year, to age 19.

Otherwise, son protection laws only safeguard minors “under 18 years of age.” when they’re 18, they’re no a minor anymore. Then, state law says they’re “of legal period for every purposes.”

A child may stop being a minor at 18, but they don’t avoid being your child. And also you don’t avoid being your parent. Her legal responsibilities, however, perform stop. Rather may consider it cold-hearted, but it’s perfectly legal to give up adult children.

One parental duty the doesn’t automatically end in ~ 18 is court-ordered boy support. The law that requires child support defines “child” together “any son under period 19 who is quiet attending high school.” So, a children 18th date of birth doesn’t terminate her duty come pay son support uneven they’re out of high school.*

It’s possible for boy support orders to expand further, particularly for disabled adult children.

An adult boy who won’t leaving home have the right to be evicted. If yes no lease, and no agreement to pay rent, you can just offer them a “Notice to Quit” the says: “I hereby demand immediate possession that the premises at (your address).”

If castle still nothing leave, you should then take step 2 of any type of eviction case—a court case. After friend file, the child/tenant will certainly be served with a copy the the eviction complaint, and a summons.

They can involved court and ask because that a trial. In ~ a trial, to stop eviction, they’d need to prove some right to live in your house, or part defect in just how you complied with the procedures.

With one eviction order, you can have the sheriff eliminate them and their stuff. If they shot to return after ~ that, you can ask the police to arrest them together trespassers.

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*Note: Parents may additionally be ordered come pay for a kid to walk to college. See kid support: requesting educational prices from parents.