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Many world wonder if you can use a queen mattress on a complete or double bed frame.

You cannot use a queen mattress top top a complete or double bed frame because it is larger, which method it will not fit effectively on height of it. A queen is 60″ large and 80″ long, 6” wider and 5” much longer than a pair mattress. Frames are normally two to 3 inches bigger than the mattress.

In this article, we’re going to look at whether you can or must use a queen mattress top top a full-frame. We’ll additionally explain why and aid you number out whereby to shop for a brand-new frame for her queen mattress.

Can You usage a Queen Mattress on a full Bed Frame?


A bed frame will offer support for her mattress and also keep that elevated off the floor. Common materials supplied for bed frames encompass metal or wood.

Some full-size frames can change in dimension to accommodate the larger size that a queen dimension mattress. You have the right to do this by relocating the pins to a brand-new hole, which makes the frame adequate for her queen mattress.

For a full bed structure size the is no adjustable, you cannot use a queen mattress. A queen is bigger than a double bed mattress, so the mattress would certainly not right properly.

Should You usage a Queen Mattress top top a full Bed Frame?


A queen-sized mattress is 60″ (152.5 cm) vast by 80″ (203.5 cm) long, vice versa, a full-size mattress is 54″ (137 cm) vast by 75″ (191 cm) length. Full mattresses are additionally referred to as dual beds. Regardless of the name, they are the same thing.

Manufacturers may have actually slight sports on the precise size of your queen mattress. In addition, there room variations to the standard queen size:

Short – 53″ W x 60″ together (134.62 centimeter x 152.4 cm) – usual for RVs or guest roomsOlympic – 66″ W x 80″ together (167.64 centimeter x 203.2 cm) – ideal for couplesCalifornia – 60″ x 84″ l (152.4 cm x 213.36 cm) – right for taller people

Due come the dimension of a queen dimension mattress, it demands a mattress framework with at least three customs of extra length and width 보다 your bed.

For a 60″ x 80″ (152.4 cm x 203.2 cm) queen mattress, you’d need a frame that’s at least 62″ to 65″ W (157.48 centimeter to 165.1 cm) x 82″ come 85″ (208.28 centimeter to 215.9 cm) L; although some structures deserve to be up to 75″ (191 cm) W by 90″ (228.6 cm) L.

Attempting to put a queen-size bed ~ above a full-size frame usually fails, provides you discomfort as result of the ill fit, and can damage your mattress and also potentially the structure. When a queen-size mattress rests atop a full-frame, over there are areas of the bed that space not supported. These locations will be flimsy and challenging to usage functionally.

The frame can additionally damage her mattress, resulting in you to need to replace it as result of sags, permanent indentations, or breakage, so the is no recommended.

Why use a Queen framework for a Queen Mattress?

Many manufacturers put constraints on their warranties the voids promises if girlfriend don’t follow your bed framework size rules.

There’s also usually requirements for slats that measure an ext than 2 to three inches. And also you may challenge restrictions top top the kind of bed frame and also materials.

If a warranty is crucial for you, you might want come be certain you follow every rules about the mattress frame you choose, which method not utilizing a full-size bed frame.

What space Your options for Frames?


There space multiple varieties of bed frames you have the right to use for her queen dimension bed. The kind you select will depend on her tastes and also the amount of extra room you need to fill.

Your mattress manufacturer may have actually requirements ~ above the form of frame you have the right to use. Fail to abide by the restrictions have the right to put friend in contempt and also require girlfriend to lose your warranty. Let’s watch at some of the many common varieties of beds.


Sleigh beds have a curved headboard and footboard. They look comparable to the design of classic sleighs.

These beds space usually heavy wood with a slatted bottom the protects the mattress. The dimensions of a typical sleigh bed structure are 35″ come 50″ (88.9 cm to 127 cm) in elevation for headboards and a 15″ to 30″ (38.1 centimeter to 76.2 cm) footboard.

It’s recommended to usage a crate spring or base to safeguard your mattress v a sleigh bed. These regularly don’t have as necessary spaced slots, i m sorry can an outcome in your mattress sagging in spots. Most warranties will not cover damages from a sleigh bed.


Platform beds have an elevated height. The an excellent thing around these beds is that the slats room adequately spaced, for this reason they happen insurance requirements.

This form of bed is usually smaller than various other bed frames v an mean height in between 10″ and also 14″ (25.4 cm and 35.56 cm).

You generally don’t require a structure or boxspring underneath her mattress, together these frames have five legs rather of four. The fifth leg is positioned in the facility of the bed come provide an ext support.


Storage beds room aptly named as result of having one or much more drawers in ~ the foundation you have the right to use to organize clothes, spare blankets, pillows, or other items.

These beds have actually a slatted bottom and a center leg in the middle, for this reason they’re an ext stable for your mattress. However, not every one of them have appropriate spacing.

Storage beds perform not need a crate spring or structure to support your mattress. If you have a small room or want to maximize her room’s space, a warehouse bed can be the ideal bed frame for you.


If you’re fully limited on space or prefer a minimalist watch of not having actually a bed frame, you deserve to opt because that a mattress foundation. You can likewise use these instead of a box spring on some varieties of mattresses.

These bases come v legs the you have actually the option to connect if friend don’t desire to use a full bed frame. There’s normally a slatted or solid item of product on the bottom to assistance the mattress and also side panels, for this reason the mattress sit even.

Where come Buy a brand-new Frame


Instead of utilizing a full or double bed structure for your queen dimension mattress, invest in a quality queen size frame. You’ll get more extended use, more comfort, and won’t void your warranty.

Many people choose to get their mattress framework from the same company where they purchased your mattress. However if your mattress firm doesn’t sell frames, girlfriend can get them from any kind of department store, specialty furniture company, or even online.

If you’re crafty or need to save money, you deserve to craft your bed frame yourself, using materials from a hardware store. Relying on your skill level, you deserve to keep it basic and straightforward. Or create a masterpiece conference your tastes.

Be sure you pay fist to her manufacturer’s references for your mattress frame’s dimension dimensions prior to you start construction. And also make certain you construct a framework that is the right size to organize your mattress.

You should likewise make sure you follow all rules concerning safety and stability, together as adding slats accordingly spaced and sized. Or adding a fifth leg in the center of the framework to support the bed’s center, where most of the weight rests.

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Final Thoughts

Using a queen size mattress top top a full or twin bed is not recommended. Putting your mattress ~ above the not correct bed frame can reason your guarantee to it is in voided. The can also cause damages to her mattress and an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Instead, usage a queen size framework for her queen dimension mattress.

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