Bearded dragon love eating treats, in the type of fruits and veggies especially. On YouTube, the is basic to click around and find videos of mustache dragons happy enjoying anything indigenous blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and more.

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What about spinach? after all, it is healthy, plentiful, and also sold at just around every grocery store store. It"s low in calories. That seems favor a no-brainer, right?

False. Spinach is actually a food the your bearded dragon must only eat in very small amounts. Part experts even say the spinach should not be a component of her beardie"s diet at all. Let"s find out why.

Can Bearded dragon Eat Spinach?

Yes, bearded dragons have the right to eat spinach. There is nothing toxic in spinach because that pogonas. However, feeding spinach to her bearded dragon is no recommended. Inspect our vet-approved feeding guide for far better options, as spinach includes oxalates that bind to calcium, bring about calcium deficiency and metabolic bone an illness in mustache dragons.

"Spinach, similar to some other dark irpari veggies, has oxalates, i m sorry hinders calcium absorption and also metabolism, bring about nutritional deficiencies." says veterinarian operated doctor Dr. Edele Grey. Through bearded dragons, you should be mindful with foodstuffs that contain oxalic acids. Spinach is high in these oxalates, which are calcium-binding chemicals. Other greens that autumn under this group include beet greens, kale, and also swiss chard.

Oxalates tie to calcium and other helpful minerals avoiding the mustache dragon from taking in them into their bloodstream. This can lead to deficiencies despite supplementation.

More special, oxalates bind to calcium in the stomach and also intestines and also then departure the human body via stool. Any type of oxalate that does not bind to calcium moves together a garbage product indigenous blood to kidneys and then exits the body via urine.

One or 2 leaves of these greens will not hurt, but there are plenty of other (and far better) veggies for your dragon, so it"s ideal not to feed spinach to her pet.

If you feeding these to her bearded dragon often, lock are likely to end up being nutrient deficient. Calcium is particularly important for dragons; without enough of the mineral, they can fall victim come metabolic bone disease.

Spinach is marketed everywhere and in a few different forms: frozen, fresh, or canned. That doesn"t matter which type you prefer. They space all not an excellent for beardies.

Spinach is not toxic or harmful in tiny quantities, but there space far far better alternatives to be safe.

Depending top top its age, a moustache dragon"s diet have to be about 60% plant material and also 40% animal-based. When growing up, beardies have tendency to be much more carnivorous, and also later in life, they eat a more plant-based diet.

About 80-90% the the plant material should be vegetables and flowers with the remaining 10-20% fruit. A majority of the diet should consist of dark green, leafy plants.


Suitable leafy Greens for Beaded Dragons

Spinach isn"t recommended, however there are many an excellent alternatives you deserve to offer your pet. Few of them include:

BasilDandelion GreensAlfalfa sproutsGeraniumTropical hibiscusGarden nasturtiumMaple LeavesMixed salad leavesRose PetalsRocketWatercress

Commercially make Treats

Online or in her favorite local pet shop, you can find pre-made bearded dragon treats. These are fairly priced and also are safe for your dragon together a weekly treat. 

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches make a pretty treat. They space nutritious and high in protein. Castle are straightforward to purchase online, and also your dragon will certainly love them.


Vitamin C and antioxidants space the main awesome things around blueberries. The 2nd awesome point is the reality that these fruits space bite-sized and easy come wash and serve to your beardie. You have the right to offer a couple of small blueberries every week or biweekly together a refreshing act for your dragon. They are fun for your pet come scoop up through their tongue and swallow whole.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is numerous and accessible just about everywhere. And, you have the right to serve them raw if friend like, just make sure the skin is peeled off. This ensures your bearded dragon doesn"t consume any type of pesticides or dirt that did not gain washed off.

Make certain to cut the life sweet potato into controlled chunks. Market two or three small pieces every couple of weeks. If her dragon walk not favor raw sweet potato, they can shot cooked or mashed pieces.


Mango provides for a an excellent occasional treat. That is high in sugar, so prefer all treats make sure you cut it into small pieces and only feed about three or four tiny bits. It renders a delicious and also refreshing way for her dragon to get some enrichment and also enjoy a summer treat.

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With every the great benefits we know spinach has actually for humans, that seems favor it would be a great idea to let her bearded dragon eat few of this low-calorie, high-mineral contents leafy green. However why need to bearded dragon owners stay away? Let"s number it the end now.

It"s Harmful come Kidneys

Spinach consists of oxalic acids. This oxalates, if spend in excess, can lead to kidney stones. If there space too countless oxalates, and also too little liquid in the urine, these stones form. The end an outcome is very uncomfortable for her pet. The procedure of rock formation is dangerous, too: it may result in renal tissue damage and also a to decrease in renal function, also kidney failure.

Nutrition deficits

These oxalates have actually the same effect on mustache dragons as they carry out on humans. Oxalates bind trace minerals and also calcium and also prevent them native being soaked up properly. The end an outcome is a mustache dragon that is poorly nourished.

After all, bearded dragon owners recognize the importance of calcium. Part of owning a moustache dragon is dusting the insects with a calcium supplement.

Feeding her bearded dragon an overfill of spinach, and using it as a clip food, would prevent them from using any of the calcium they are provided in other areas of their diet.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Should a bearded dragon become deficient in calcium, the will build a disorder recognized as metabolic bone disease.

Known median as second nutritional hyperparathyroidism, this is among the most usual health difficulties that pets bearded dragon face. More often than not, this happens in juveniles aged 2 years or less.

This disease comes around as a an outcome of a negative diet, especially one the is short in calcium, high in phosphorus, and low in Vitamin D3.

You will an alert a swelling in the lower jaw of your dragon, softening the the facial bones, and swelling in the earlier legs. The legs might tremor together the bearded dragon make the efforts to relocate around.

The dragon will certainly not have the ability to walk about as normal, nor can they press their body up. Lock may end up lie on your stomachs or crouch low.

As the an illness continues, the reptile will undergo impacts such as loss of appetite, lethargic behavior, muscle twitches, and seizures.

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The results of metabolic bone disease are no curable. Effects can it is in reversed come a degree, however the dragon will certainly not live a fully normal life. The finest thing to perform is prevent it altogether by remaining away native high-oxalate foods items like spinach and ensuring your dragon has plenty of calcium and also UVB light.