Most people associate bed bugs with seedy motel rooms, dirty linens, and also scores that red, puffy, itchy bites. In addition, though, the commonly believed that bed bugs are dangerous to her health. Much just like ticks and Lyme disease, many people think the bed bugs together a disease vector. If you’ve brought them residence with girlfriend from a night in one infested hotel or house, you could be worried around the potential that contracting some sort of illness.

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Let’s take it a look at few of the facts and fictions neighboring bed bugs and also disease. Then, we’ll relocate on to what you can do in terms of residence pest manage to take treatment of bed bugs once and also for all.

Bed Bugs and Diseases

First points first: up until an extremely recently, bed bugs weren’t scientifically proven to carry any kind of sort of transmittable disease. While popular belief might associate them with significant illnesses (much favor rats and the plague, or ticks and also Lyme disease), the CDC had concluded the they couldn’t in reality carry any illness that deserve to be passed along to humans.

Of course, this no preclude the possibility of serious complications indigenous bed an insect bites. In part people, symptom are an extremely mild: a person can have a slim reaction to a bed an insect bite that entails a young amount that itching. In details segments of the population, though, bites indigenous bed bugs can reason a serious allergic reaction. If you think you’re suffering a reaction come bed pest bites, it’s essential to seek medical assistance immediately.

Chagas Disease

More recently, researchers have actually discovered new information concerning bed bugs and disease. According to a 2014 study carried out by the facility for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at penn State University"s college of Medicine, bed bugs room actually capable of transmitting a parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi. This parasite in turn reasons something referred to as Chagas disease, which is just one of the most deadly illnesses in central and south America.

Chagas impacts over 6 million civilization per year approximately the world, and also results in the death of around 50,000 world annually. However, bed bugs don’t spread the infection with their bite. Instead, the parasite is lugged in your feces.

How Bed Bugs Transmit Chagas

After feeding on a sleeping host, bed bugs will regularly deposit feces onto the host themselves. This sometimes happens on and also around the face, which method the potential the transmitting Chagas is really real. Recently, Dr. Michael Z. Levy in ~ the university of Pennsylvania’s Perelman school of Medicine controlled to demonstrate that bed bugs have the right to pass the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite on to mice in a controlled experimental environment.

Chagas condition is sometimes referred to as a “silent killer,” due to the reality that it’s tough to recognize any symptoms if the disease is in its faster stages. End time, Chagas can lead to love problems, digestive upset, and also even neurological issues.

Other Potential Bed bug Diseases

In enhancement to Chagas, some resources have argued that bed bugs are qualified of dispersing other diseases as well, including eastern sores, brucellosis, and even leprosy. Over there doesn’t appear to be any type of proof to ago up these insurance claims as of best now. Save in mind, though, the the exploration of bed bugs’ capacity to transmit Chagas is a really recent finding. New information may concerned light in the future.

When to see a Doctor

As discussed above, bed bugs don’t need to transmit disease in order to pose a possibly serious health and wellness hazard. If you think you’ve been bitten by bed bugs and also feel that you’re experiencing any type of symptoms indicative that an allergy reaction, it’s important to call a physician right away.

Additionally, if you’re suffering from any type of unusual symptoms the you believe could be associated to a disease or disorder of some kind, nothing hesitate to call a medical professional.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Even if you’re no experiencing major symptoms as the an outcome of a bed bug infestation, yes no doubt around it: bed bugs space an terrible pest to have in her home.

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Eliminating castle once and also for all deserve to be challenging, though. If you’re handling bed bugs, we very recommend contacting residence Pest control for a consultation. We sell safe, environmentally-friendly pest services designed to help you get rid of bed bugs fast.