Chickens will eat virtually anything. But it"s essential to recognize what"s an excellent for them and also what"s not.

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There"s a most conflicting information around what chickens should and should not eat.

I uncovered it exceptionally confusing once I began out. Whereby did the details come from, and also which to be accurate?

Because it clearly couldn"t every be right.

With experience and also research I"ve uncovered that there"s in reality very couple of foods which will kill chickens.

Some won"t carry out them much good and some might make them ill if eaten in very big quantities. Yet very couple of are actually fatal.  

Nevertheless, my research has presented that some foods are perhaps killers for her chickens. 

So here are the 5 foods your chickens have to never eat.

1.  Never, ever allow your chickens to eat dried or life beans.

Dried bean are well-known to create really serious illness and even death in adult humans.(1) for chickens, they space always fatal.

Kidney beans are the worst culprit, but any kind of bean which has not been properly cooked is perhaps lethal for her chickens. 

What"s the problem?

Beans save a toxin called phytohaemagglutinin which is always fatal to poultry. 

Illness will happen after eating as couple of as 3 or four beans and also will progress very rapidly, death in as quick a time as an hour.

Once eaten, there"s nothing to be done to save the bird(2).

How to avoid it?

They will most likely avoid lock anyway, yet to it is in safe, keep any kind of bean plants well out of the method of her chickens.

Got plants choose this? save your chickens away!

Any beans you desire to give your hens have to be thoroughly cooked. Soaking alone is no enough, no one is cooking in a crockpot or sluggish cooker. Lock don"t with high sufficient temperatures come de-activate the toxins. 

You must not use dried beans because that sprouting, either. Seed such as sprouted lentils are healthy and carry no danger of poisoning.

To do them safe for both humans and chickens, beans should be wet in cold water because that at least 5 hours - preferably longer. Then, discard the water, rinse the bean thoroughly and also boil rapidly in new water for at the very least thirty minutes. 

Once cooked, they have the right to be added to any kind of recipe or given to her hens.



2.  Chickens must not eat something mouldy.

Would you eat this tomato? Or give it to your family?


Thought not. Then don"t offer it to her chickens.

Some moulds, of course, room good. Penicillin was arisen from a mould and some cheeses have actually mould deliberately injected right into them.

But others, including the mould which grow on soft fruits, produce toxins and also it"s not feasible to judge which moulds are an excellent and which are toxic. 

Some, in particular aspergillus flavus, the mould which grows on nuts, corn and also apples, to produce a toxin called aflatoxin which is well-known to contribute to the development of liver cancer in both humans and animals.(3)

How to avoid it?

Simple - don"t feeding your chickens food i beg your pardon has any kind of signs of mould or is in any way going rotten. 

It"s equally essential to make sure your flock"s feed does not come to be damp, which is just one of the mediums in which moulds and also their toxins flourish. 

Remember - mouldy feed have the right to kill. 

3. Components of the avocado must not be eaten by chickens.

Avocado is a controversial one. You"ll check out information almost everywhere the net stating categorically that avocados together a whole are poisonous to chickens. 

That"s not entirely accurate.

It"s best to speak that chicken are particularly susceptible to the toxin brought by the avocado, i beg your pardon is called persin.

In large doses, persin will reason birds to have heart troubles followed by obstacles breathing. It can reason death in much less than 48 hours.(4)


Persin is carried mostly in the skin and also the rock of the avocado (and the bark and also leaves the the tree, if you happen to have one). 

The flesh has lower level of persin yet it still consists of some since persin is fat soluble and also leaches right into the meat from the stone. 

How to prevent it?

Avocado is actually fantastic source of nutrients consisting of iron, potassium and also Omega-3 fat acids. Yet you must balance that with the reality that it does have actually toxins i beg your pardon are perhaps lethal to chickens.

If because that some reason you want to your chicken to eat avocado, give them the flesh only, and also even then in good moderation.

Personally, I wouldn"t provide my chicken avocados anyway - I like them too much myself.

4.  Chickens have to not eat eco-friendly potatoes or environment-friendly tomatoes.

My chickens love mashed potatoes. They would eat it until it come out the their tiny chicken ears. 

I feed it them in moderation. Left-over cooked potato (including potato skins) is fine for chickens to eat yet contains very few nutrients therefore isn"t among the finest treats.

Green potatoes, though, are one more matter entirely.

Don"t feed your chicken potatoes which have turned green and also sprouted.

The toxins discovered in green potatoes and also green tomatoes are dubbed solanin and also chaconine, both of which are discovered in the peel, the flesh and the sprouts.

So any part of a potato which is green is gift for your chickens, as are unripened environment-friendly tomatoes.(5)

Solanin is not transformed by cooking, therefore don"t think it will be good if you boil some environment-friendly potatoes for her flock. The won"t be. The will cause drowsiness, paralysis and eventually, death. 

Steer clear.

How to stop it?

Potatoes go environment-friendly when they"re exposed come light, therefore make certain you keep them in a cool, dark place.

If you discover some leftover potatoes which have currently gone green or have actually sprouted, do not feeding them to your chickens, also if you chef them. And also don"t throw green peelings ~ above the compost heap if your chickens have access to it.

Green tomatoes should also be avoided however are slightly different in the sense that as soon as they have ripened, the levels of solanin lock contain are significantly reduced. 

They can then it is in fed to your flock although, similar to everything, they have to be provided in moderation.

5.  Chickens should not eat chocolate.

It"s relatively well well-known these days that coco is harmful to part mammals, particularly dogs and also cats. 

But go you know it can additionally be deadly for her chickens?


Theobromine and caffeine room the toxic elements of chocolate and are also found in some drinks - coffee, tea and also colas among them. The darker the chocolate, the an ext theobromine the contains and also the much more dangerous that is.

Now, it"s best to say the eating a few pecks of coco or part leftover coco cake is most likely not walking to perform your hen much damage - depending upon how much chocolate that cake contains and how lot they eat. 

But also something we might think to it is in as chaste as a packet of coco chips can prove fatal.

Chocolate is well-known to cause heart troubles in birds which can selection from an irregular heartbeat to complete cardiac arrest. Fatality will happen really quickly - within 24 hrs of eat the chocolate.(6)

So don"t death them with "kindness". Perform your chickens and yourself a favour - keep the chocolate for yourself.

Feed her flock a an excellent quality chicken feed, enable them to range on pasture if you have the right to - and also let them have some healthy and balanced treats instead.

Free ranging on pasture is not constantly possible, however a an excellent way come raise chicken if friend can.

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If you"d prefer to know much more about feeding your flock to keep them in great health, friend may discover these pages helpful.