Heya guys! I want to choose Grookey, but to have Sobble as my water type. Mine GF is walking to pick Sobble

If she Sobble is male, have the right to she just breed that with any other arbitrarily Pokemon and also send end the egg once we get to the Wild Area? Or is that more facility than that?


To gain an egg of a Pokémon you require a mom of the same species. Therefore in this case your GF would require a mrs sobble

When two Pokémon breed, the Egg will certainly be the same types as the mother. A male Sobble will not develop Sobble eggs uneven paired with a female Sobble or a Ditto.

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You just need a ditto, and put it in the daycare with you starter (whatever its gender) perform a few bike tours of the road and you'll get an egg. Ditto can't transport its species to the baby, so the infant will constantly be the varieties of the second parent.

But that might come so late in the game. If you want it as shortly as possible, you'll need a mrs starter (only females carry their types in breeds without a ditto), for this reason you'll need to save prior to choosing the starter, and soft reset until your starter is female. (Usually, the starters have 12,5% chance of being female). Then find a masculine of the exact same egg group, and also put them with each other in daycare.

Edit : changed 30 % by 12,5 % as provided in the thread

you walk on Bulbapedia or any other database that pokemon and check Sobble's egg group. You deserve to breed a pokemon v other varieties on the same egg group

Get a ditto, breed it v your starter til you acquire a female. Ta da. You simply gotta flower a poop load of egg usually, but you might get lucky! then you have the right to send all your male dudes friend don't need to the GTS for other stuff.

There are two possibilities here:

If her Sobble is male - You'll need it to mate v either a woman Sobble, or a Ditto

If she Sobble is female - You'll only require a pokémon the the very same Egg group (check Bulbapedia/Serebii to discover out Sobble's Egg Group), or a Ditto

That's due to the fact that pokémon of the exact same Egg team can mate, however the offspring will certainly inherit the species of the mother. For this reason if girlfriend mated a masculine Sobble through a female of one more compatible species, you'd acquire a baby of that other species.

She demands a female sobble (12.5% chance of obtaining at the professor i believe) and also breed it through a masculine Pokemon in the exact same species.

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Your ideal bet would be waiting till she records a ditto and also then gain your water kind a bit later on in the game.