While there are over 2,000 varieties of fleas, just one varieties feeds on human being blood. This species of flea is referred to as Pulex Irritans, and enjoys living in hair while causing it’s hold various amounts of itching and also irritation.

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While various other flea species will happily take a ride in person hair, they will certainly not have the ability to live there, together they will certainly soon have to leave in stimulate to feed on their continuous warm-blooded hosts (such together dogs and cats).

Flea egg In human being Hair

How perform Fleas get in your Hair?

In order because that fleas to obtain into your hair, friend would need to hold a flea-infested pet close to her head or it is in lying under somewhere which has fleas. Back fleas are recognized for gift able to jump substantial distances loved one to your size, these distances are still very small in person terms.

A study found that cat fleas (the many common type of flea) can leap a horizontal street ofabout 8 inches on average. The longest leap to be 19 inches, but this is uncommon.

Most adult cat fleas are much less than ⅛ inch long, for this reason a leap that this street is really impressive, being approximately 160 times your length.

In terms of height, fleas were originally thought to be qualified of leaping as high together 13 customs vertically. An ext recent studies have found that this is no true. Fleas deserve to jump come heights that an median six inches, through thehighest jump recorded being 7.9 inches.

Clearly, fleas room not capable of leaping right into your hair from the ground, even if you were sitting ~ above the floor. A leap of six inches high will certainly only carry the flea as much as the ankles of many adult humans.

This is why most flea bites room congregated approximately the ankle area. Fleas will commonly simply have actually a fast feed and then leave as soon as they room done. But, can a flea rise from her ankles to your hair?


The bulk of flea species are able come climb. ~ all, as soon as they arise from your cocoons, theyhave come crawl upwards the end of their hiding placeto be able to reach a host. Inside your home, that will entail climbing increase carpet fibers to reach the height of the carpet. Whereas outdoors, they will climb up to the peak of knives of grass.

That said, fleas execute not climb up the legs and bodies of human beings to hide in your hair. The exact same is true for the pubic area, fleas will certainly not be climbing up and hiding over there either. When a flea has found bare skin, they will bite and also feed for a tiny while and then be on their way.

A Feeding Flea

On this basis, the only means a flea can get right into your hair is if a flea-infested pets lays by your head or is sleeping on your bed, or you lay under on carpet which has actually fleas emerging from it.

Will Fleas Stay and also Live in her Hair?

Once ~ above a host, adult fleas great to stay there for the rest of their lives. They do not willingly leaving their host, instead, they room either dislodged once your pet grooms themselves or they’re forced to leave due to the applications of a repellent.

Cat fleas will certainly take the opportunity to feed upon plenty of different warm-blooded mammals. They perform have desired hosts, i m sorry they room biologically designed come live, breed, and also thrive upon. These space cats, dogs, and other furry mammals though. Humans are no a preferred host for fleas.


Humans i beg your pardon share an atmosphere with fleas will certainly still often get bitten, especially if there is no wanted host around. Once fleas arise from their cocoons, they will must feed as a issue of urgency. So, if a human being foot comes by, they will not hesitate to leap aboard and feed.

Overall, we are simply one more warm-blooded mammal as much as fleas space concerned. They room not fussy as soon as it concerns acquiring a meal, however they will certainly leave as quickly as they are satiated.

A flea which has actually landed top top a human willgenerally bite 2 or 3 times prior to they depart. They can feed upon our blood for as lengthy as 7 minutes at a time if they room undisturbed.

For those pertained to that fleas will select to reside in your hair if they manage to with it, the price is the it is highly unlikely. Fleas room designed come live on animals with densely pack fur,and not humans.

Furthermore, fleas will certainly only be able to live and also breed on the pets which room their wanted hosts, such as dogs and also cats. This is since fleas have progressed in tandem with these master over hundreds of years.

Fleas top top a cat’s stomach

The just real exception to this is a particular types of flea i beg your pardon is known as the “human flea” or“chigoe flea.”This flea is exceptionally rare in the US, tending come reside in much more tropical areas. This flea is an extremely well adjusted at living upon humans, burrowing into the skin wherein it feeds and lays that eggs.

If friend have very dense frizzy hair, or a full, matted beard, over there is the potential that fleas may gain inside and not immediately be maybe to find their method out ~ feeding. Yet they certainly are not actively trying to remain there.

Will Fleas Lay eggs in your Hair?

As we’ve mentioned, humans are poor hosts because that fleas. While a steady diet of person blood will enable a flea come survive, they will certainly not have the ability to breed and also reproduce on human being blood alone.

Female fleas must feed consistently on their host’s blood prior to they are able to begin laying eggs. As soon as they have actually started to lay, castle must be able to feed at will certainly to sustain their demanding metabolic process.


If a woman flea only has accessibility to human blood, she fertility will be almost fully stunted, and it is very unlikely she will be able to lay eggs. As soon as fleas room living and also feeding upon their desired host, they deserve to layas countless as 30 eggsevery solitary day.

Because of these factors, that is unlikely the you should be concerned about fleas laying eggs in her hair. If a flea manages to gain into your hair or a special beard, they will feed if they can, prior to trying to find their means back come their preferred host.

If over there is no preferred host around, they will probably stay and also feed. Yet they will certainly not be abundant or well nourished sufficient to breed.

Are There any kind of Ways to avoid Fleas from acquiring into your Hair?

Although it is unusual to observe fleas spending any length of time top top humans, if there’s a particularly serious infestation and a lack of pets, you will be the just target.

In bespeak to get rid of fleas, you will require to adopt a multi-pronged strategy to an individual hygiene and home treatment.

As we touched upon earlier, if a flea is going to be in your hair, it is most likely to be in a bushy beard, dreadlocks, or thick, thick hair. Therefore, that is super necessary to store your hair well combed if friend can, and keep that clean. A an excellent tip is to tie the hair up tight and slicked ago in a bun so there isn’t lot hair for a flea to acquire stuck in.

Strong smell shampoos, which have ingredients like tea tree, eucalyptus, and also rosemary, are good flea repellents to encourage any type of fleas to move on out.

Of course, if friend have any kind of furry animal pets in the home, they are nearly certainly suffering too. You need to treat them for fleas as a priority, as they will certainly be the house for the majority of the adult flea population.

It is fair to say they will certainly be really uncomfortable themselves if girlfriend have enough fleas approximately that castle are beginning to discover their way into your hair.

Treating her pet and yourself is an important step, but you have to not skip the foe within the carpet or crack in the wood floor. Flea eggs perform not remain on the host, they room designed to autumn out native the fur into the ground.

Flea eggs between carpet fibers

In your case, that way your floors and carpet are most likely littered through flea eggs and larvae. This is a time bomb waiting to walk off. If friend don’t get rid of the flea eggs and also other life cycle stages from your home, it is just a issue of time prior to they return.

By far the many effective way to do this is by vacuuming your entire home thoroughly. Any kind of adult fleas, eggs, and larvae will be suck up native the fibers. Flea pupae affix in a cocoon come the carpet fibers, yet the vibration native the vacuum deserve to “wake castle up.”

They believe the vibrations are indications of hosts relocating nearby, therefore they break complimentary and begin to emerge—only to be sucked up. Friend may need to vacuum intensely every couple of days before you obtain them all.

Vacuuming is a good way come hit fleas hard, however you will likewise have to address soft furnishings and textiles which can not be vacuumed. For sure to eliminate your bedding, pet toys, and pet bedding, cushion covers, etc. And also wash them on a an extremely high temperature to kill fleas and flea eggs.

If friend have accessibility to a steam cleaner, this is a sure-fire method to get rid of fleas native the carpet and also furniture, no issue what phase of the life cycle they space in.


The assumed of fleas living in her hair is enough to make anyone begin to furiously itch and want to run in the shower head immediately. Luckily, as we have seen in this article, the potential because that fleas living in your hair is very slim.

Most types of fleas will certainly bite andfeed ~ above humans, however the fact is thatthey perform not great to live on us. If yes no desired host around, lock can end up getting into dense human hair. They may feed there and be can not to uncover a way out, but it’s not where they really want to be.

Fleas will certainly not lay egg in person hair because our blood is not nutritious enough to support their fertility and capacity to reproduce. Therefore you deserve to rest assured the it’s extremely unlikely come occur.

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Simple an individual and residence hygiene methods are reliable in tackling fleas. So lengthy as friend treat your pets and home thoroughly, you have to be cost-free of this pests in no time.