iMovie, part of the Apple"s iLife suite because that MacOS and iOS, is the great consumer video editing software program that offers users capability to create, edit, and also share stunning movies and also trailers. If you create a project of photos and also movies in iMovie, you might wonder how you have the right to export the iMovie project and also burn to a DVD that household member have the right to play on a home DVD player with big TV screen.

Unfortunately, apple no longer has the iDVD in the iLife bundle ~ above Mac v OS X 10.7 Lion and also newer due to the fact that 2011 — no iDVD and no export come DVD choice in iMovie because that burning tasks. If you want to burn a DVD indigenous iMovie, you need a third party DVD authoring program.

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If you"re a lover of iDVD, you can still gain the application from 3rd party vendor, like Amazon or eBay, come burn a DVD ~ above Mac native iMovie. You re welcome scroll down to component 2 in this article.

Part 1. How to burn DVD indigenous iMovie (without iDVD)

Before we start to burn iMovie video to DVD ~ above Mac, we"ll assume that you have actually exported the video from iMovie.

Click the document in the menu bar, then select Share > File. The document dialog box will open. You can adjust the export size of your video clip by adjusting Format, Resolution, Quality, Compress, or leaving them as the default and click Next. Pick where to save your exported iMovie project. Click Save.


Just one note – also though iMovie might export job with a 720p or 1080p resolution, the DVD is walk to be able to output 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC) at best. To maintain HD quality you must burn the iMovie job to a Blu-ray disc v something prefer Blu-ray Creator instead.

Now, you need a DVD authoring regime to burn a iMovie DVD. There space dozens that utilities out there accessible to burn iMovie videos ~ above Mac. If you"re in search of a feature-filled DVD burner program, DVD Creator is perfect. It"s cross-platform and also has a pretty and basic interface, allowing to burn DVD indigenous iMovie video clip and just around any other type of video, audio and also photos. A definite advantage with the software application is the ability to customize menus and also external sound monitor and photo as background. You deserve to even build DVD folder, dvdmedia and ISO photos for later use.

This guide covers the procedure of burn an iMovie video clip to DVD top top Mac. It"s quite simple.

Step 1: start the regimen and include iMovie project

Open DVD Creator, it"s now time to include iMovie video clip to burn come DVD. Just click the "+" icon on the facility area of regimen window, this will bring up a browse crate from i m sorry you uncover the iMovie project you desire to add for burning, select the file(s) and also click on "Open".

Also, this iMovie come DVD burning software offers a yes, really smooth way to load new files via drag-and-drop.

Why is over there no iDVD ~ above my brand-new Mac?). Friend can additionally buy iDVD as component of the iLife "11 or iLife "09 packages for around $15 from Amazon or eBay.

Here"s just how to use iDVD come burn DVD native iMovie top top Mac computer.

Export the video:

open the iMovie project that you want to burn. Click share on the menu bar, and then pick Export Movie. In the pop-up, surname the video and specify a conserving location. Click Export.


Burn to DVD:

launch the iDVD application on her Mac. Click paper on the menu bar, and also then click OneStep DVD indigenous iMovie to import your project.


architecture a custom menu display if necessary. Insert a blank writable DVD disc come Mac"s optical drive. Click Burn icon.

iDVD will start burning iMovie job to DVD. When done, insert the disc come DVD player come verify every is well.

Part 3. Burn iMovie job with Burn app

Burn is a free and open-source DVD burning regime with a bit rudimentary interface. Although that hasn"t been updated for years, it"s tho a great option for those who just want come burn iMovie task to a DVD that"s playable ~ above a DVD player.

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Download and also install Burn on her Mac, operation it. Click video clip tab and also enter a DVD name. Usage the + icon in the bottom left side to add your iMovie job to the routine window. Click the record type drop-down menu to the ideal side, then select DVD-Video native the list. Click Burn to begin iMovie burning to DVD.


The Bottom Line

There are multiple options available for friend to create DVD from iMovie, yet you need to recognize that you"re gaining the right routine to perform the job. Have actually a try with the 3 famous piece the DVD burner software outlined over and select the best that"s suitable for you.