Whether girlfriend love a creamy mustache from your hot cocoa or a milky-white cloud on her dessert, you most likely turn to a “whipped topping” to get your fix.

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Whether girlfriend love a creamy mustache native your warm cocoa or a milky-white cloud on her dessert, you probably turn to a “whipped topping” to gain your fix.

Though many brands compete for our spoons, the most common duel pits Cool Whip against Reddi-Wip. No can claim to be whipped cream because of their assorted additives, but they both carry out their darndest come imitate the in strikingly different ways. Let’s discover out once and also for all who’s quicker to the draw.

Calories (2 tablespoons)


Warning: calories levels will certainly surge if offered on food—especially bacon. Photo:
the.martins_99 / Instagram

Cool Whip: 15Reddi-Wip: 25



What possible combination of chemicals could comprise such beauty? Photo:
pooja_ramachandran / Instagram

Cool Whip: Water, hydrogenated vegetable oil (including coconut and also palm oils), high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skimmed milk, light cream, much less than 2% salt caseinate (a milk derivative), natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and also guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, and beta carotene.

Reddi Wip: Nonfat milk, cream, sugar, corn syrup, maltodextrin, inulin (chicory extract), cellulose, mono- and diglycerides polysorbate 80, fabricated flavors, carrageenan.

Consistency and also Taste


When it comes to whipped cream, consistency is key. Photo:
fairburnmackid / Instagram

Cool Whip: Hefty top top a spoon, the same, similar thing the specific middle ground in between sour cream and cream cheese, with a taste an ext akin come butter 보다 cream. Still, the manages to uncover the balance in between sweet and also savory the freshly whipped cream normally creates.

Reddi-Wip: Creamy and also cloud-like through a noticeably sweet aftertaste. Foam indigenous a well-shaken can has actually a comparable texture to most homemade whipped cream.

What’s death You


But… but it looks therefore harmless! Photo:
katiejanedavis / Instagram

Cool Whip: ~ above a physical level, anything the is mysteriously flavored and needs more than one emulsifier need to send increase a couple of red flags. The oils and also syrups, however, space the key antagonists. Top top an emotional level, us all discover it disturbing come watch little oil globules dissolve right into your warm cocoa. Bulletproof cocoa, anyone?

Reddi-Wip: The greater calorie count damages you in two ways: the obvious bump in caloric intake and also the organic act of repetitively squirting far an ext than two tablespoons from the can straight into her mouth. No one’s taking a spoon and a lack of discipline to a container the Cool Whip. Also, the version of polysorbate used in this topping is commonly used come emulsify cosmetic products.

What’s Making friend Stronger


Yes, sure, “stronger” ; ) Photo:
bjachovitz / Instagram

Cool Whip: Coconut oil provides the topping a small bit that credibility, also though that is popularity eight has lugged some fist to coconut oil’s an adverse effect ~ above cholesterol. In an effort to do something around the product healthy, it appears as though every batch it s okay infused with a young amount of herbal beta-carotene, for this reason you deserve to see her blood check results more clearly.

Reddi-Wip: excluding the polysorbate, the remainder of the multisyllabic ingredients room made from naturally emerging foods like corn, wheat, and algae. While tho processed, these materials can every be quickly digested.

Winner: Reddi-Wip


So go ahead, indulge (seriously, we don’t mind). Photo:
bradylange / Instagram

As a society, us shouldn’t resolve for “whipped topping” at all. But because very few humans fancy themselves pastry chefs and possess the type of time throughout which one might make fresh whipped cream, us mere mortals must stick come the dairy aisle.

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Reddi-Wip shares more qualities with the ever elusive whipped cream than Cool Whip, in every its oily glory. Despite its higher calorie count, Reddi-Wip’s ingredients space friendlier come our digestive systems. So don’t be afraid to take a can at your regional grocery store and squirt part sugary foam where you please. Well, pay for it an initial or you might have to discover a brand-new place come shop.

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