Rosemary is a fragrant, evergreen herb the originates from the Mediterranean region. The a member that the mint household ‘Lamiaceae’, in addition to other herbs such together oregano, basil, thyme, and lavender.

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Rosemary is commonly used as a flavoring in culinary key such together stuffing and roast lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey. In classic Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll often uncover that fresh or dried leaves space used.


The herb has actually a contempt bitter taste and also a properties aroma the complements many dishes, and it can likewise be supplied in natural teas.

When roasted through meats or vegetables, rosemary gives a mustard-like aroma blended with second comforting fragrance of charred wood which compliments barbecued foods.

However, if you’ve run out of rosemary, you can find yourself wondering whether or no you can substitute the herb v another, and if so, i beg your pardon one provides the ideal substitute?

Thankfully, there are number of substitutes because that rosemary, and also we’ll take it you through each of these in this article.

Substituting Dried Rosemary for Fresh Rosemary

If a cooking recipes calls for fresh rosemary, however you only have actually dried ~ above hand, don’t fret.

Dried rosemary is fine to usage as a substitute, however, you should bear in mind that dried rosemary is quite brittle and is complicated to chew unless it’s cooked. Due to this, the doesn’t work-related well together a garnish as fresh rosemary does.

If you’re using it in a recipe that will certainly be cooked, it’ll work simply fine. Here’s a counter ratio:

For every 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary, substitute 1 tespoon of dried rosemary - yet only in cooking dishes! This functions well for pretty much any kind of dried herbs the you"re substituting for fresh ones.

Best Substitutes for Rosemary

Thyme (fresh or dried, consisting of garnishes)

Thyme is a many milder in flavor 보다 rosemary is, however it’s tho a good substitute.

Fresh thyme will certainly work an especially well If you’re make a crostini or salad where the cooking recipes calls for fresh rosemary pipeline as a garnish. In cooked dishes, you deserve to simply swap your fresh or dried rosemary for equal components of fresh or dried thyme.

Of course, it will taste contempt different, yet it will certainly still attain a similar vibe. New thyme has actually a distinctive natural flavor v sharp notes of grass, wood, and also florals which have the right to be contrasted to lavender and rosemary - for this reason it won’t taste a people apart.

On the other hand, if you opt because that lemon thyme, this variation has a pronounced citrus fragrance - thus its name.

Sage (fresh or dried, consisting of garnishes)

Sage and rosemary both have a pine-like flavor, which makes sage a good substitute if her recipe calls because that rosemary and you don’t have actually any.

Sage is identified by the pronounced organic flavor that has actually an earthy, contempt peppery edge and notes that mint, eucalyptus, and also lemon.


If you substitute her rosemary because that sage, you should bear in mind the the latter is a very solid herb, for this reason you’ll desire to use it sparingly.

For example, if a recipe supplies rosemary as a garnish, part your sage really thinly so the it no overpower the rest of the dish.

If using sage in cooking, instead of ½ the quantity of rosemary with fresh or dried sage, or readjust according to her taste. It’s constantly best to add too little, and add an ext later, rather than to add too much!


Tarragon is a leafy eco-friendly herb characterized by its robust aroma and subtle licorice flavor which add to a fresh, feather taste come a selection of recipes.

It’s frequently used in French cuisine, consisting of salad dressings, sauces, and fish and chicken dishes.

Not only does Tarragon sell a hint of anise, yet it likewise brings bitter and sweet notes with each other to kind a complicated taste with layers of vanilla, mint, pepper, and also eucalyptus.

It have the right to be a an excellent substitute for rosemary, yet it’s a herb that human being tend come love or hate - due to the slim licorice taste - so usage sparingly at first.

Marjoram (dried or fresh)

Indigenous to France and the united States, Marjoram is a low-growing plant and is a member the the mint family. It has grayish-green leaves which are comparable to those that oregano, for this reason the 2 are often confused, though they taste really different.

Marjoram is defined by that delicate, sweet, and also pleasant odor which has actually a slightly bitter undertone. It’s often used together a flavoring in meat dishes and also has similar flavors come rosemary, so it renders a great substitute.

That said, it’s pretty rare, therefore if you haven’t got any kind of dried or fresh rosemary, you might not have any dried or new marjoram either!

Savory (dried or fresh)

Savory is also a member of the mint family and also is a small, green plant that comes in two varieties: winter savory and also summer savory. Savory features in cuisine throughout Europe and also is often an ingredient of crucial oils.

While summer savory is characterized by its hot, peppery flavor, winter savory has an earthier and an ext subdued taste.

Both winter and summer savory have actually notes that marjoram, thyme, and also mint, therefore either could be a great substitute because that rosemary. Simply bear in mind that summer savory might be contempt spicier, therefore you may want to add a tiny bit at a time and change to your liking.

Caraway particle

Caraway also goes through the name of meridian fennel and Persian cumin, and also it’s a biennial tree belonging come the Apiaceae household - aboriginal to western Asia, Europe, and also North Africa.

Caraway seed are highly aromatic and have a distinctive yet mild anise flavor the adds a warming note of licorice to dishes. Their taste is earthy, through a hint of citrus and also pepper i beg your pardon brightens soups, vegetables, meat, and bread.

Italian seasoning

Italian seasoning is a mix of dried Italian-inspired herbs and also usually consists of basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and thyme, despite mixes can differ depending on how much of each herb is used.

You’ll notice that numerous of the herbs we’ve mentioned above feature in Italian seasoning, and for this reason, Italian seasoning have the right to be a great substitute because that rosemary, however, due to the fact that it combines a mixture the herbs it offers a contempt more complex flavor 보다 rosemary alone.


Due to the various flavor file of the herbs, it’ll alter the in its entirety flavor of her dish somewhat, and also for this reason, it may be finest to usage sparingly in ~ first.

Italian seasoning will more than likely work well as a substitute in cooking however seen as it’s in dried form, it most likely won’t make a great substitute for fresh rosemary in roasted meat bowl or new salads.

Specific bowl To usage Rosemary Substitutes In


If you’re cooking a sausage dish, or any kind of other food that has several strong seasonings, a an excellent substitute because that rosemary is caraway seed.

Caraway seeds will add additional flavor to the dish without overpowering the various other herbs and also spices also much.

Egg and also meat

Sage is an ideal substitute because that rosemary in egg and also meat dishes.

While sage supplies a different taste come rosemary, these 2 herbs are often used in comparable dishes, so either functions well and also will carry out the various other flavors.


Marjoram works an especially well with mushrooms and also compliments their earthy flavors.

Even if her recipe calls for rosemary and also marjoram, you deserve to simply add an ext marjoram in location of the rosemary if you nothing have any type of to hand.


Lamb is often roasted with rosemary, and also the two space a match made in heaven. However, if you nothing have any rosemary in your garden or pantry, are afraid not - you deserve to actually incorporate several various other herbs to achieve a comparable taste.

To instead of rosemary, a combination of only leaf, peppermint, and also thyme is ideal. Ensure the the full amount the these linked herbs equals that that the rosemary forced in your recipe.


Frequently asked Questions

What is the herb rosemary an excellent for?

Rosemary is an excellent for flavoring meat and veggies, however it likewise has a selection of health and wellness benefits linked with it, too.

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory compounds, i m sorry are said to rise the immune system and also improve blood circulation.

Rosemary is additionally associated v cognitive health and also can aid improve the top quality of her memory and also its performance, also as an increase alertness, intelligence, and also focus.

What can I use rather of rosemary?

There are a hold of options when it pertains to replacing rosemary in recipes.

Obviously, it’s consisted of in a recipe for a reason, so it’s always best to usage it if you have some (whether fresh or dried), otherwise, the next ideal option is thyme, followed by savory or tarragon.

That said, all of the herbs featured on our list have the right to substitute rosemary, despite some may need adjusting if they’re particularly strong - such as sage.

Can I usage Italian seasoning rather of rosemary?

Rosemary is a really popular form of herb, which originates from the rosemary plant.

It consists of a lot of advantageous substances, which space really useful for boosting digestion and also for boosting blood circulation overall.

And as for cooking, rosemary is most often and also best suitable to soups, casseroles, stews, and also salads. It also pairs yes, really well through chicken, lamb, steak, and especially oily fish!

As for Italian seasoning, that is basically a blend of different ground herbs, which all occupational well with each other in a safety way, come season specific dishes and foods in a method that provides them a traditional Italian flavor, for this reason the name.

The actual mix of herbs have the right to vary, as there are different variations the Italian seasoning. However, together a general rule, Italian seasoning will most commonly include oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, coriander, and also garlic powder.

So, let’s get back to the initial question. Have the right to you usage Italian seasoning instead of rosemary?

Well, Italian seasoning has rosemary, so that’s a great starting authorize that it will, at the really least, be complementary and also work v the same varieties of foods and meals.

You can, indeed, usage Italian seasoning together a substitute because that rosemary. In fact, if you use it in the very same ratio, it will add a slight difference in smell that can make your dish more interesting, as it will come v the addition of all the other complementary herbs, and you understand that they job-related together due to the fact that they’re combined together as one.

Are thyme and also rosemary the same?

Thyme and also rosemary are not the same, return they deserve to be supplied as substitutes because that each various other if a recipe calls for rosemary and you only have thyme or angry versa.

The main difference which to adjust thyme and also rosemary personally is that rosemary has a stronger and more pungent taste 보다 thyme.

Thyme is milder, though they both re-publishing woody, floral notes which provide them a comparable flavor profile.

Both are renowned within organic medicine and also are frequently used in culinary dishes, regularly in combination with one another.

Can you instead of basil because that rosemary?

As a basic rule, all of the herbs that are consisted of within the mix the herbs that consist of Italian seasoning have the right to work well as substitutes and options for every other.

As both basil and rosemary can be found in Italian seasoning, it’s safe to say the they work-related well not just together, but as options for each other.

So yes, you can substitute basil for rosemary. Although the flavor will certainly be slightly different, it will certainly be comparable enough, and also it should work just as well.

What is the odor of rosemary?

Rosemary is one of the most aromatic herbs, and also its odor is exceptionally versatile, permitting it to job-related with a vast variety of different food dishes. It particularly works with meat dishes, such as lamb, chicken, and pork.

However, it likewise complements light varieties of fish and also works exceptionally well in salads, potato dishes, and also soups or stews of plenty of different kinds.

Basically, it’s highly multi-purpose, so that is no wonder why it is just one of the most renowned herbs.

But what walk it in reality taste like?

Let’s try and explain it.

Overall, rosemary has actually a minty flavor, and this is as result of it belonging come the mint family of plants, in addition to basil and oregano.

Rosemary is also very comparable to sage, and also it has actually a peppery and balsamic taste, which leaves behind a bitty virtually woody aftertaste.

One the the finest things around the odor of rosemary is that it isn’t diminished after being cooked, so the remains just as strong. This is why it functions so fine in stews and also soups!

However, together rosemary is very aromatic and also has a solid flavor, it can very easily overpower other herbs and flavors. This is why that is recommended the you include it into your recipes gradually, there is no overdoing the amount.

There are also different varieties of rosemary, and also these have the right to have slight alters in their flavor. You can try out different varieties of rosemary to recognize which works ideal with each particular food!

Can you substitute lavender because that rosemary?

The answer come this is yes. Lavender and rosemary job-related really well as substitutes and choices for each other. However, together rosemary is stronger, it’s best to adapt the amount so the you’re using less than you would certainly lavender.

Final to speak

Rosemary is a well-known herb that uses a floral, woody hint to dishes, and it works an especially well through roasted meat such as lamb.

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It’s constantly best to usage rosemary if a recipe calls for it, but if you nothing have any type of to hand, there room a range of herbs the end there you have the right to use instead.