There was as soon as a time once packing her luggage to be simple. We might just carry everything we required for ours trips without any kind of worries.

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However, time have readjusted and the TSA (Transportation defense Administration) now has actually strict rules and also regulations around what you can and also can’t lug on right into an aircraft cabin.

Today we’re looking whether you can take pond clippers or various other nail care tools and products on one airplane.

Let’s gain to the crunch…

TSA pond Clippers Rules


You can lug nail clippers top top a airplane in your lug on bag or in your confirm bag.

Keep in psychic if you space putting any kind of sharp items in your checked baggage make certain they space securely wrapped so package handlers don’t reduced themselves.

And just to be clear they are referring to nail clippers the look favor these ones:


Can friend Take nail Scissors ~ above A Plane?

Nail scissors would autumn under different rules. Right here is the TSA scissors rules:


You can’t carry scissors that have blades longer than 4 inch in your lug on luggage. This method that nail scissors like these ones would certainly be permitted in hand luggage too.


What about Other Nail treatment Tools?

As a general rule, many nail treatment tools are permitted in your lug on. So pond files, tweezers, cuticle pushers need to be okay.

Here space the an excellent folks in ~ the TSA top top Twitter comment a question about flying through a pond clipper kit:


That’s the official TSA account top top Twitter saying the that details toenail clipper collection would be permitted. But it’s not always clear. Take it for instance this cuticle pusher and nail cleaner:


These start to look at sharp and also potentially dangerous. I would not it is in surprised if a TSA officer would certainly confiscate manicure tools prefer they did in this instance.

This worry is around safety and whether or no the item can potentially be provided as a weapon.

As constantly the TSA protection officer has the final say ~ above what is allowed on the plane. Friend can’t carry a deadly weapon on come a aircraft just since you have dubbed it a pond tool.

What around Other Nail care Products?

Nail treatment products prefer nail polish or nail polish remover loss under the liquids rule. Friend can’t carry liquids in sizes better than 3.4 oz or 100 ml. And you need to load all her liquid bottles in a solitary quart-sized bag.

Unless your nail care product is a hard or a strength it will certainly be limited. For this reason creams, pastes or gels room all controlled and also need to be pack alongside her shampoo and shower gel.

The Verdict

Take a minute to reflect that some of the terrorist attacks of 911 were carried out using straightforward box cutter knives. That’s why we have actually these protection rules. It may be stroked nerves to require to check if fingernail clippers are allowed but over there is a an excellent reason for the TSA to sometimes regulate what have the right to seem prefer harmless items.

Hand luggage rules space there to defend travelers. That’s why we have rules about other possibly dangerous items.

If you room still unsure even if it is or not you are permitted to lug a particular item top top a flight in her carry-on luggage there are procedures you might take to find out.

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First, take a picture of the thing in question, and then send it come AskTSA on on facebook or
AskTSA top top Twitter from 8 a.m. Come 10 p.m. Eastern on weekday or 9 a.m. Come 7 p.m. On weekends and holidays.