You’re prepare to bake her favorite chocolate cake. Friend gathered the ingredients to make sure you have everything that’s needed before you start and bam, cocoa flour is previous its date.

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Does cocoa powder walk bad? deserve to that powder do anyone sick? Those room the questions that room going with your head ideal now, and also you require answers.

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In this article, friend can find all the information about cocoa flour you need. Us go through storage, shelf life, and going bad the this baking good. If that sounds interesting, read on.

How To save Cocoa Powder

In short, you should store cocoa powder the same way you store other dry goods, choose baking powder, or wheat flour. That means you should keep that in a cool and also dry area. The pantry is great, but a kitchen cabinet will certainly work simply fine too.

Once you open the container, the most essential thing come remember is come keep that sealed tightly.


If the cocoa powder come in a plastic packaging that’s not quickly resealable, consider pouring it right into an airtight container. That will store the moisture and any contaminants at bay.

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How long Does Cocoa powder Last?

Pretty lot every package of cocoa powder comes v a best-by date on the label. That day lets you recognize for exactly how long the powder need to retain that quality.

Like with other dry goods, that date is only a turbulent estimate. Friend can easily use the cocoa past that date. As long as friend stored that properly and it looks and smells just fine, that course.

For how long past the best-by day can I use it, you ask? It’s complicated to say, however you need to think around years, no months.

Like baking soda, which loses potency end time, cocoa powder loser its taste over time. That method that your cocoa that’s a year previous the best-by date will probably be perfect, yet in the next couple of years, that taste will degrade noticeably.


If you’re thinking about using old cocoa because that an important baking project, taste it beforehand.

Cocoa powder (unopened or opened)Best through + 2 years

Please keep in mind that the period above is for best quality only. Cocoa powder will remain safe to usage pretty lot indefinitely if you save it properly.

How to Tell If Cocoa powder Is Bad

If you notice that over there is miscellaneous is wrong through the powder, like it developed a funny odor, over there is some organic development or huge wet clumps, discard it. Do the same if anything else feels off.

Cocoa flour doesn’t go off if you keep it correctly. If you open up up the parcel and an alert small clumps, girlfriend can conveniently break them up through a fork or a sift.

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If there aren’t any kind of visible alters to the powder and it smells simply fine, you deserve to safely usage it. Together I mentioned earlier, if it’s ancient cocoa, then it could not taste all the great, but it will certainly be safe to usage nonetheless.