Are girlfriend on the fence about installing LED bulbs in her fixtures about the house, yet someone warned you around melting plastic?

Read this guide to do an educated decision about how warm an LED bulb have the right to get.

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LED bulbs run virtually at room temperature in ~ the surface of the bulb’s body or case, and also get warm to touch close to the base of the bulb. However in any type of case, they carry out not reach temperatures all over near high sufficient to melt plastic fixtures.

How warm Do LED lamp Get?


The optimal irradiate fixture because that LED bulbs is well ventilated, permits for great heat dissipation, and is open up from all sides.

That’s since LEDs love to operate in a cool environment. The cooler the ambient temperature, the longer the LED will last and also will run close come its maximum brightness.

Ensure the fixtures space not air-tight or even have a minimum gap from the ceiling or wall. Examples of together lights are deserve to light, retro mason jar lights, monitor lights, and also even part table lamps have actually unventilated heads.

More commonly, kitchen and also bathroom ceiling fixtures room semi-flush versus the wall that is rated together enclosed and also won’t permit for an non-enclosed rated LED bulb without heater issues.

Also, make certain you don’t mix incandescent, CFL and also LEDs in one fixture together the temperature inside the fixture deserve to rise dramatically and while this is no a fire hazard, it can damages your LEDs permanently.

Finally, utilizing LED atop stoves and also hood ranges way the heat will directly influence the bulb. Again, the bulbs, fixtures, or socket will certainly not melt but face performance concerns due to overheating.

Final Words

LED technology has come a lengthy in upgrading the lumen output, shade temperature, and, most of all, safety and security features.

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Considering you space using bulbs and also fixtures suggested by manufacturers, you should not have melting plastic fixtures. Exercise safety and also keep fingers away from bases, or touch ~ the bulb has actually cooled down.

Do you have any kind of enclosed irradiate fixtures in your home that require enclosed rated LEDs?