You discovered an old fill of shelled almonds stashed far in the pantry, and you’re not rather sure if they are still edible. Deserve to almonds go bad?

The nuts are way past the date on the label, however they look rather alright. If that day weren’t there, you’d most likely eat them best away, but now girlfriend hesitate. That’s once knowing how to tell great almonds indigenous spoiled ones comes in handy.

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Read on come learn about signs of spoilage, shelf life, and proper storage practices. After reading this piece, you should recognize what to carry out with the old pack. And how to go around almonds in the future.

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Can Almonds go Bad? just how To tell If Almonds room Bad?

Almonds, as with almond milk or almond flour, ultimately go bad.

The spoilage indicators you should look for space the very same as for other nuts (e.g., hazelnuts). They include:

moldinsect infestation (possible if you have insect worries in your pantry)dried out, discolored kernelsrancidity

If one of two people one is present, friend should get rid of those nuts.

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If you’re no sure exactly how to phone call rancid almonds from great ones, permit me explain. There room two points to look out for as soon as it comes to rancid almonds:

Altered smell. If the nuts odor bitter, sour, or paint like, they room rancid. Soft nuttiness means they’re not.Changed taste. Harsh or bitter flavor way the fats in the nuts have actually gone rancid, and you need to discard the nuts.

One point to remember is the altered taste is a more common sign, for this reason if her almonds smell okay, you’re not out of the woods yet. Friend still should grab and eat a few before utilizing them in a cake, salad, or offering a bunch as a snack to your kids.

The great news is the almonds last rather some time (more on the in the next section), so uneven you mistreat castle in storage, they need to be okay even for months past their date.

To sum things up: if the almonds look and also smell okay, eat one or two. If the taste is alright too, you’ve acquired yourself perfectly edible nuts.

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How lengthy Do Almonds Last?

When it comes to almonds, the shelf life estimates you can discover online aren’t the very same everywhere, but they are rather similar.

The United states Department of farming (USDA) says that you deserve to store:

in-shell almonds because that 20 month at 0 °C (32 °F), 16 months at 10 °C (50 °F), and eight months at 20 °C (68 °F)shelled almonds save for about half of the time

The FoodKeeper application (FK), on the other hand, recommends the following:

unshelled almonds save for 6 months in the pantry, 16 months in the fridge, and 20 months frozenshelled almonds last 4 months in the pantry, eight months in the refrigerator, and ten month frozen

As you can see, the periods aren’t that various from each other.

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I constantly buy almonds shelled, and also go with slightly longer approximates of 6 months in the pantry, 12 month in the fridge, and 18 months frozen. And also that functions perfectly fine because that me.

If you’re purchase almonds pre-packed, there’s for sure a date on the label. Please keep in mind that this day is additionally only an estimate, and chances space the almonds should keep reasonably an excellent quality because that a many longer. Together I said in the beginning, often even quite old almonds space still an excellent enough come eat.

To save your almonds in the finest shape because that as long as possible, let’s talk about storage.

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How To keep Almonds?

Like v peanuts or pistachios, we have actually the usual three choices for save on computer almonds: the freezer, the refrigerator, and also the pantry. And as friend surely know, the chillier the place, the much longer the nuts last.

If you’ve ever before stored almonds in ~ room temperature and also they’ve gone rancid, cold warehouse is your finest bet, together it minimizes lipid oxidation (fat going rancid) (USDA). For most of us who don’t arrangement on keeping the almonds because that a an extensive period, the pantry or kitchen room usually an excellent enough storage places.

When it comes to in-shell almonds, the kernels don’t need much protection since the shells take treatment of that. Every you need is a well-ventilated bag (for room-temp storage) or some containers or freezer bags (for cold storage).

Shelled almonds lack that protective layer, therefore you must step in. That method you must keep castle in an airtight container or resealable bag. This systems both reduces oxidation and also keeps away any kind of odors, i m sorry almonds conveniently absorb as result of high-fat content (USDA).

If you’re going v room temperature storage, select a location that’s dry, dark, and also away from any kind of sources that heat. A room in the pantry or kitchen (away native the stove) need to do the trick simply fine.

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In a Nutshell

Almonds go rancid, get moldy, or dry out and change color. If one of two people is present, discard them.Almonds last much longer than many other nuts, so her old pack could still be great enough come eat.Cold storage is finest for long-term storage. A dark room in the pantry or kitchen occupational alright is you need to store almonds because that a couple of months.