Why do the strangest things happen at the most worst moments? inspect out this 3 unique roadside assistance situations. With AAA membership, you’ll constantly be prepared for the unexpected.

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Unique Roadside help Situations

1. You’re top to the movies in a friend’s automobile when the starts come overheat. You have AAA, yet your friend doesn’t. So, will certainly AAA help you in your friend’s car?

Yes! due to the fact that your AAA membership follows you, you’re spanned for company in any vehicle she driving or talk in. There’s no have to keep your auto gaianation.net on record or worry about coverage as soon as you’re traveling with others. All you’ll must do is have actually your AAA membership card handy and also your license/ID to obtain AAA roadside and also towing services.


2. Your babysitter frequently takes your child along in her car to run errands throughout the day. Her automobile isn’t aging gracefully and also you desire to make certain your son is for sure if the auto breaks down. Can AAA defend your child once you’re no around?

Yes! girlfriend can include all young kids in your family to your AAA membership through a junior membership. It only prices $18 per year for children under period 16, and your son gets the same AAA benefits together you, including towing and also car lockout, also when they’re through someone else. Plus, teens ages 16-18 get their very first year of AAA membership for cost-free using code 2030!

Add a small member or combine to her membership

3. It started as a an excellent bike ride. 4 tire patch kit later, you’re out of luck v a flat rear tire and still 20 mile from home. Carry out you have to call a friend to choose you up at 8 a.m. ~ above a Saturday?

Nope, just call AAA! Every AAA membership covers bicycles too. That’s right! We’ll choose you and your bicycle up and also take you house or to a bike repair shop. It really is that easy. AAA gaianation.net/Idaho led the means in offering bike organization to members, and also now it’s easily accessible across many of the united state too.

AAA towing service can be prolonged to 100 miles through Plus coverage, or a 200-mile tow through Premier coverage. To compare membership levels and upgrade your service if it’s a better fit for your lifestyle.

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AAA have the right to save the day, even in distinctive roadside assistance instances like these. Just request organization online, contact AAA in ~ 1-800-222-4357, or usage the AAA cell phone app.