So you simply bought a new pair of standard UGGs and you have actually been wearing them everywhere around town.And, hey, why not? They room stylish, cozy and keep her feet nice and also warm. They room the perfect boots for the autumn or wintertime, not just are they cute and also chic, but comfy together well.However, together your alarm went turn off this morning and also you jumped the end of bed to get that french press on, friend look outside to a winter wonderland! Yes, that happened, the an initial snowfall is here!Excitedly friend grab your hat, gloves, and jacket come go endure it all in person. But as you’re around to run out the former door, you view a pair that rain boots and your favorite standard UGGs.Since the eye was unexpected, friend haven’t yet taken her designated eye boots the end of the closet from last winter.So what need to you do? deserve to you stay UGG boots in the snow? are they waterproof because that snow?In this post, we space going come answer these common questions and take a closer look at the an extremely popular in ~ the waterproof UGG classics.

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Can girlfriend Wear UGG Boots In The Snow?

The straightforward answer is: NO!UGG boots were not made through the on purpose of being worn in harsh weather problems at all. I mean, if you carry out a little research, (basically just examine out the ‘about’ ar on your website) you have the right to see the they originally served a an extremely different purpose than gift a snowshoe.They were very first made by an Australian surfer that wanted to ensure her feet would certainly stay warm after a morning of surfing. In various other words, they were made to slip on appropriate after you captured a few waves and also wanted to take it a short rest on the sand, yet stay heat in the process.Primarily affected by the surf in southerly California, the idea the ‘snow’ was not even a thought when the standard UGG boot was made.Thus, together you deserve to see, these well-known boots, though great for remaining warm, must not it is in worn in the snow, even today.In what temperatures deserve to I wear my UGG boots?Though standard UGGs room not intended because that snow, you definitely can (and should) wear lock in cold weather temperatures, including the fall and also wintertime.The standard boot is make from real suede and has a sheepskin insole, maintaining your toes nice and also toasty while out and around on those it will be cold days. They room not only very comfortable with raised cushioning in the sole, however the actual sheep or lambskin fur will carry out its job, and also do the well!What will happen to mine boots if i decide come wear lock in the snow?So you may think “I’m ready to take it the chance,” however I’m providing you an early warning, don’t do it!If you end up sporting this beauties in the snow, you will only end up regretting it. And also your wallet won’t be as well pleased either. They space made from suede, and also if you’ve checked out what has actually happened to any other suede items as soon as they got wet, you don’t need any type of further explanation.Classic UGGs room not waterproof, thus they will acquire ruined.Your UGGs will basically soak in the snow, resulting in your feet to not only get wet, but your boots to become an ext like sponges 보다 protective footwear. They will leave stain marks together well, together they room not suitable snow.Not to mention that the boots space obviously dyed and also can begin to leak shade when they obtain wet. So rather of wasting her money, far better to leaving these babies at home on a snow day.(You may also enjoy reading: exactly how Do i Clean mine UGGS Without ruining Them?)If I use a waterproofing spray, deserve to I quiet wear them?Waterproofing (or water-repelling treatment) is definitely a possibility and also one that plenty of UGG owners have taken.The difficulty is, waterproofing your own boots deserve to not just take a the majority of time (if you want to carry out it right, that is) yet it have the right to be messy together well. And also if you occur to miss out on a spot, you might also never have started the procedure in the an initial place.If you carry out though decide to shot this method, I would be leery once you undertake them out in the rain or snow for the first time. I’m not saying it i will not ~ work, yet the fact is, it’s a bit much more of a gamble v these boots, as the materials themselves are few of the hardest come waterproof without damaging the boot.But together I mentioned before, if you do want to provide it a try, I would certainly recommend using the UGG brand treatment kit, i m sorry comes through a water and also stain repellent spray.It comes v a few other goodies and also is among the best choices for maintaining your boots. If you pick to use among these options, make certain you use it come all important areas, and apply it before you stay the boots because that the first time. It’s crucial to apply it beforehand, otherwise, stains deserve to set-in and become permanent.Also, unlike what some may say, execute not blow dry or take a heater to the boots afterward. The is ideal to let them dry overnight.

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Are there any UGGs that space waterproof because that snow?Yes, over there are!Though ns haven’t personally had actually the possibility to check these, UGG has actually come out v a waterproof version of their classic UGG boot.Now they might be waterproof, yet are lock snow-proof?Some have said yes, others still no. Personally, I would be cautious about wearing them because that the an initial time in the snow. Snow generally gets mixed in with salt, and also that just creates a painful repercussion to something suede.So if you room going to check them in the snow, use caution.The company does, however, rave about the Vibram sole, i m sorry is claimed to give you a severe grip top top those icy sidewalks and also parking lots, things you will absolutely encounter on a wintery day.If you room interested in trying the end their waterproof version of their classic brief boot, examine them out here!Learn an ext about this waterproof UGGS in the adhering to video:Why do you love UGG boots therefore much? allow me understand in the comments below.