as the tittle states really have the right to a pee infection influence the outcomes of a preg test eg give a negative if you have actually an infection but could still be preg?any ideas or experiances?

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hiya a urine epidemic will influence a pregnancy tset as you will be going for a wee all the moment the hcg hormone which the test reacts to will not have sufficient time to construct up in the to pee so thus can offer a negative result. Hope this helps if your worried i would certainly go and be checked out !anne

thanks because that replying.been to the docs to get something because that urine infection.just goota save waiting.Has anyone had actually a urine infection then found out they are pregnant after?


hiya over there yes i had a urine epidemic at begining the august and also found out i was pregnant in ~ the finish of august yet had excellent a previous check that stated i was an adverse so i think it does interfere expect this help
hi many thanks for the has been 6 1/2 weeks since lasts duration but started bleeding yesterday and also i have cystitis.great! guess: v its a no then!
I check out that it"s easier to record cystitis as soon as pregnant. I obtained it the week before my duration was early (stupidly take it antibiotics not even thinking I can be pregnant!!) and also when my duration didn"t come after ~ 31 days, i took a test and got a positive result. So, you never know. Hx
hi i am 13 days late for my period and i had actually some pains in my ship i saw a physician today and also i had a urine infection . I have actually done 6 pregnancy test and all were an adverse i have had actually my bloods bring away the just time i have missed my periods in the past have actually only been 2 work after my due on day so i uncovered this a tiny weird hopefully will hear back by friday x
Hi i just discovered out ns am 4 mainly pregnant ~ above Thursday I began bleeding this day I done a nother check this morning and it says an unfavorable but it was brown simply came front medical professional I have a to pee infection carry out u recognize if the mess my test up

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Hi i have actually been having actually some pain which I checked out the physician the other day to be told water epidemic i to be due on next week top top the 12th the June but i made decision today to buy a pregnant test bcoz of how i have been feeling and also eating specific things i just eat once im pregnant so the first test come up that im pregnant yet 1 the the currently was an extremely light really faint then around 30mins later on i took an additional one to do sure but it came up an unfavorable so im perplexed should ns tell my medical professional or wait to next week top top the 12th the june 2016 and also does it average i to be pregnant even tho that don"t present a coloured line just clear and also light an extremely faint?