Are friend unsure about the best answer come the question deserve to I include shock and also chlorine at the exact same time? If the price is yes, then you will absolutely have plenty of reasons come go with this article. We will be sharing some beneficial information about shocking the swimming pool and including an algaecide in the water simultaneously.

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Can I add Shock and Chlorine at the exact same Time – deserve to you add chlorine and stabilizer at the same time?


Can I add Shock and also Chlorine in ~ the exact same Time

Whether you space landscaping roughly your swimming pool or renovating her old pool from vinyl come fiberglass, it is crucial to consider the chemicals essential for up-keep. There is no doubt that including the right amount of algaecide and likewise shocking the pool together are time tested and proven methods for getting rid of that dirty and green water. This is resulted in by algae growth. However, is it ideal to execute both the things together? permit us uncover the answers.

It have to Not Be done Together

While shocking and including algaecide is reliable in obtaining rid that algae, it have to not be excellent together. This is since when girlfriend mix chlorine and also algaecide together, it provides both of lock useless. Hence, girlfriend should first shock the pool and wait because that the chlorine levels to fall listed below 5 PPM. Just then need to you introduce algaecide to get the finest results.

How to regulate Algae

Chlorine as soon as introduced individually combines v algae and kills it. However, when totally free chlorine combines with algae, very small of the is available for combination with bacteria and also other perhaps harmful contaminants. Once you test the pool, girlfriend may uncover that that is chlorine deficient. Hence, a great way to handle algae is to ensure the the swimming pool is shocked and also quickly raise the level of chlorine come 10 pm or also higher.

Algaecides surely kill algae but they job-related slowly. This is due to the fact that they release ions that room positively charged. This assaults the negative charged birds particles. Since algaecides execute not malfunction in sunshine they remain accessible in the water lot longer.

Chlorine Enhancers

We likewise should understand that chlorine assaults the assorted polymer chain in algaecides and also it also combined v the ions as much as the steel based ones space concerned. Hence, once you usage chlorine and algaecide together, you waste the latter since the pool has actually just been shocked through chlorine. If you want to increase the potential of chlorine, you could think of adding chlorine enhancer i beg your pardon is also referred super shock treatment. Girlfriend could include sodium bromide and also other ammonia compounds. These incorporate well with chlorine and they produce amines. These kill algae and they space designed for use as soon as there is serious algae problem.

Some procedures You should Keep in Mind

Before any pool is shocked girlfriend must examine on the cyanuric acid and also pH concentrations. The pH levels have to be carried down come the range of 7.2 come 7.8. A range



close come 7.2 will certainly be fairly good. Cyanuric acid levels should selection from 10 come 40 PPM. This will protect against the chlorine from degrading. So late afternoon is the best time to include chlorine since it has actually the whole night come work.

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You should also vacuum sediments, and also brush the sides of the pool. Usage the right amount of chlorine because that shocking purposes.

The final Word

Understanding the right answers come the question can I include shock and chlorine at the exact same time is important because it will help you to make sure that your pool remains cost-free from algae. And also being able to gain the ideal value because that money because that the algaecides the you space using top top a regular basis. Always remember that your type of swimming pool water will additionally play impact in the lot of chlorine girlfriend use. For more information around shocking your pool, our pool building experts right here at Richard’s complete Backyard solutions can aid you.