Anyone who has a wood-burning fire pit knows just how relaxing that is come unwind with the crackle and also warmth of a an excellent campfire at the end of the day.

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While you probably recognize that the safest point to burn in your firepit is firewood explicitly cut for the purpose of burning, we"ve viewed clients test out unusual principles for light fires or fuel before. Over there are particular dangerous items you’ll definitely want to avoid burning in a fire pit (or any kind of kind that fire, for that matter).

We’ve already written about general fire safety and security tips, however here we’d choose to emphasis on less-than-obvious dangers hiding in details fire fuels.

Hidden toxin that space released v burning are particularly tricky to identify. Also if friend don’t notice a readjust in the color or odor of the smoke, you might still it is in exposing yourself and your family members to gases the may cause cancer or various other illnesses over lengthy exposure. Some poisons may also be left as residues in the ash, making them dangerous come handle.

Avoid burning these dangerous items in your fire pit:

Treated wood

Lumber that’s designed because that outdoor building is frequently pressure treated or chemically preserved to avoid rotting in wet conditions. The procedure of burning deserve to releasechemicals that are dangerous come inhale. (Older lumber, for example, may also contain arsenic!)

Pressure-treated wood may be significant as such, and also it may have a green tint to it. However, this tint can fade over time, so don’t depend on the marker alone.

Do not burn these species of wood:

Railroad tiesDeck lumberPainted or stained woodOld/found lumberDriftwood (though no treated in a traditional sense, driftwood might release carcinogenic salt compounds)

Untreated plywood, top top the other hand, is fine. So if you want to burn some scraps left over from a DIY project, go for it. Yet if you’re not certain if the wood’s to be treated, or if it’s simply been sitting approximately in the melted for a decade, don’t threat it!


Don’t burn rubber, old paper, plastics, rubbish bags or other garbage. Part items deserve to release toxins or pollutants right into the air, and also they often make an unpleasant smell besides.

Hopefully girlfriend have enough sense not to litter explosive item such together batteries and aerosol cans right into the fire directly. Yet if you have actually a bad habit of burn trash bags, these items might be concealed inside and also could cause injury.

Paper and cardboard

We know, we know—it’s fun to watch a pizza crate go up in flames. However, cardboard and document can create huge flakes of smoldering ash that deserve to travel quickly towards nearby brush, trees and also houses.

Poison ivy, toxicity oak, and/or toxicity sumac

Be really careful v wood you collect from someone’s property, because there can be poison ivy vines wrapped approximately it. (These have the right to be harder come spot in the winter, when their leaves are gone, yet the poison oils space still alive and well!)

You recognize how poor the reaction have the right to be as soon as these oils are exposed to her skin. Now imagine the in her lungs. Enough said.

Lighter liquid or gasoline

We understand it’s tempting come play pyro and also get a dramatic blaze going through a little help native an accelerant. However this type of fire can acquire out of hand in seconds, potentially destroying property and also hurting people. Therefore please, simply don"t!

Other items come avoid

There are a few other items that space not dangerous come burn, per se, however can likewise cause issues. These include:

Food scrapsYard clippings (which can trigger allergies)Green or soft woods (which create a the majority of smoke and sparks)

To remain on the for sure side, pole to burning untreated hardwoods, neighborhood firewood, natural kindling (such as twigs), and/or fire starter logs designed because that outdoor use. We desire you and your family members to remain safe and also enjoy your fire pit because that years come come!

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