What"s the usage of a penny in today"s economy? The U.S. Government has to be talking around doing away v the copper-plated coin for years, yet so far, no progress has been made. Two large arguments versus keeping the coin in production are time and cost. In 2016, the U.S. Mint invested 1.5 cent to produce each one, make the expense of every penny 50 percent higher than its really value.

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They likewise waste a the majority of time. Citizens to Retire the U.S. Penny claims that taking care of pennies to add an average of two secs to a cash transaction. According to a 2012 examine by the federal Reserve, there space 107 billion cash transactions per year in the joined States.

To assist you combat the penny problem, here are some methods for safety them, plus ways to put them to creative use.


If you don"t want your pennies, your bank will take it them. Counting them out, role them in coin wrappers (ask your financial institution if lock can offer you part for free), and deposit them right into your account. There are a couple of banks that will count coins for free and exchange them because that bills for this reason you deserve to walk away with cold, hard cash. You can discover participating institutions listed on Lifehacker and also MyBankTracker.


Coinstar machines are magical: you dump your jar of adjust into your depths and get cash in return. The significant downside is that there"s an 11.9 percent service fee. However, if you pick the eGift card option, there"s no fee. Options include Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, iTunes, and Best Buy. Or, turn your coins into a tax-deductible donation to among several charities. You have the right to use Coinstar"s website to find a maker near you.


If friend don"t have an ice pack in the freezer, try making one v the contents of your piggy bank. Throw some coppers right into an old sock, tie it, and freeze it. (A plastic bag works, too.)


If your curtains flare out and also won"t continue to be straight, use pennies together drapery weights. Open up the stitching in ~ the bottom of your drapes and slide a few pennies in, climate sew it earlier up.

5. Separate THEM right into DENOMINATIONS beforehand TO make SHOPPING EASY.

Organize your pennies into teams of five or 10 and put them into little Ziploc bags to save in her purse or backpack. Climate you can combine them to pay because that something that calls for, say, 15 cent in change. Or, if your total involves an quantity that"s no a many of 5 or 10, breaking open up a baggie is simpler than scrounging around in your coin purse.


If you have lots of pennies, use them for floor tiling. If you"re feeling especially ambitious, shot a pattern. The web is complete of stunning instances of penny flooring.

7. … OR do A penny TABLE.

Add a copper optimal to a plain table through this DIY guide.

8. Use TAKE A PENNY, leave A penny JARS.

Take a penny, leave a coin trays are everywhere—but many world don"t understand how they work. They"re frequently seen at convenience shop or other little shops. Here"s the rundown: Customers can take pennies from the key if lock don"t have change and don"t desire to rest a bill. If you obtain pennies as component of your readjust for a transaction, friend can remove them there, so they never even touch her wallet in the first place.

9. Make JEWELRY.

There room plenty of DIY coin jewelry principles out there, including a bracelet, a happy penny necklace, and also a bejeweled ring. Girlfriend can also make part hand-stamped bling favor this pendant.


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There are unlimited ways to rotate pennies right into statement piece for her pad. Paint them white to make this crafty vase, make them into coasters, decorate a mirror or a photo frame. Make some an innovative wall art, choose this coin mosaic portrait of Abraham Lincoln, these block letters, or this ombré wall surface hanging. Or, find pennies indigenous milestone year in your life and make a commemorative item like this one.