I already shared v you just how to jailbreak PS3 at sight Slim 4.84 via USB. Maybe you have effectively jailbroken her console and also now you want some PS3 games. So, this post only guides exactly how to download and also install PS3 gamings for free via USB. Save in mental that, there are numerous ways come inject PS3 games. Please read the whole short article to collect more information around game installation.

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This procedure requires a jailbroken console and HAN toolbox. If girlfriend don’t have one. Please check out PS3 Jailbreak 4.84 and also PS3 HAN toolbox v0.7.1. Once you have a jailbroken console and installed HAN. You deserve to go with further process. Together you recognize HAN jailbroken console accepts only PS3 PKG game format. So, we will download totally free PS3 games with the aid of PSN stuff. PS3 PSN stuff allows you to download totally free PS3 games in PKG format. So, let’s acquire started.


Laptop or DesktopUSB or external Hard DriveStable web connection

Require files:-

PS3 PSN ingredient – just how to Download PS3 gamings for free

Unzip PS3 PSN stuff zip file on your secondary drive.Run PSN stuff exe as administrator.Unzip PSN ingredient database on resource folder.Load her unzip database ~ above PSN stuff.Check PSN stuff update.Search game surname which girlfriend wantYou’ll see download highlight button ~ above the bottom right corner. (Do no forget game RAP file)

As I pointed out above, there are numerous ways to inject/install PS3 games. It depends on how larger video game you have. If you have under 4 GB game. You can go with, how to install PS3 games via USB. The best component of under 4GB game installation. You deserve to perform the via USB. If girlfriend have above 4GB game. Walk with, exactly how to install over 4GB game. You can find below various ways to download PS3 games.

Various ways to download PS3 games

Backup & restore – (Read More)MuxPort – (Read More)

Conclusions:- i hope you acquired all the information around game installation. If anything else, please feel complimentary to use forum web page to call me. I’ll be happy to aid you. Prefer my facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel come stay associated with me.

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