Here's our goal for fried chicken: A crispy, golden brown outside and also a juicy, completely cooked-through inside. And also here's our strategy: Precook the chicken in the oven prior to frying come easily achieve both.

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It's one extra step, and also it will collection you back 30-40 minute while you're baking the chicken in the cooktop (at 350°F), however The Kitchn note these services to precooking her chicken:

By precooking your chicken, you spend a lot much less time frying because you only need to get the outside crispy and brown, which is great when you're act multiple batches or have hungry guests hovering end the fryer. Also, worrying the your oil is also hot and burning the outside before the within is cook is a point of the past.

After baking, permit the chicken cool down before frying as usual (you can even postpone the frying a work or two) and also rest conveniently knowing each item is thoroughly cooked. If friend like, you can also double-fry it for extra extra crispy fried chicken.

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A much much better method is come soak that in cold milk because that 8 hours, then cook (poach) it in the very same milk til cook through. Climate deep fry. Amazing.