At-home pregnancy tests can vary in your sensitivity, but all of them job-related the exact same way.

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With just a sample the urine, these tests have the right to detect human being chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone level is elevated throughout early pregnancy. If one at-home check is positive, you have to see an obstetrician or a gynecologist that will use much more sensitive tests (such as qualitative and quantitative blood tests) or one ultrasound to check the pregnancy and also its phase of development.

Can you trust the results of a drug keep pregnancy test? In general, this tests are considered trustworthy and also accurate. But false-positive and false-negative results are possible.

9 factors your pregnancy test results may be unreliable1. Taking the test at the wrong time

Some at-home pee tests have the right to detect the hCG hormone even prior to you miss out on a period. The results are much more accurate if you take it the test after you miss your period – even the very next job after you supposed your duration to begin. The decision is also much more trustworthy if friend test her urine first thing in the morning as soon as it"s most concentrated.

2. User error

To get precise result, monitor the check kit manufacturer"s indict precisely.DON"T:

use an expired check kitremove the stick from the urine stream too early on or as well latetest an inadequate amount of urinedrink too much liquid prior to taking the check (diluting your urine)misread the outcomes (like mistaking a faintly fancy urine evaporation line because that the check result)check the results too beforehand or as well late3. Specific medications

Taking diet aids or fertility medicine could affect your pregnant test results. If you"re undergoing fertility treatment, watch your doctor to check at-home pregnant test results.

4. Chemical pregnancy

A chemical pregnancy is an unsuccessful beforehand pregnancy in i m sorry the embryo can"t implant and grow. Once this happens, it"s not because of anything the woman has done. It might be led to by hereditary factors, a hormone imbalance (low progesterone levels) or uterine fibroids, scar tissue, or an irregular-shaped uterus. Though a chemical pregnant can trigger a confident pregnancy check result, the pregnancy cannot construct properly. This kind might be widespread, though it goes undetected as soon as the woman doesn"t take it the test at an early stage on.

5. Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnant happens as soon as an embryo implants outside of the uterus, such together in a fallopian tube, the cervix, one ovary, or the abdominal muscle cavity. This form of pregnancy isn"t viable since there"s no place for the embryo to grow. Yet, it have the right to still reason a confident pregnancy test an outcome due come the presence of the hCG hormone.

Ectopic pregnancies are clinical emergencies. They can be harmful if left untreated.

Symptoms include:

sharp abdominal muscle painpain in the pelvis, shoulder, or neckvaginal spotting or bleedingdizziness or faintingrectum pressure

If you"re experiencing any of these symptoms while pregnant, seek instant medical attention.

6. Molar pregnancy

This is another kind of nonviable pregnant that can reason a confident pregnancy test result but won"t build into a fetus. This kind of unsuccessful pregnancy is because of a genetic abnormality or the premature department of sperm. Through a molar pregnancy, an embryo can not form or the placenta is abnormal. Women through this kind of pregnancy might experience heritage or may need a medical procedure to eliminate the undeveloped cells.

7. Other clinical conditions

While it is rare, details medical problems can potentially affect pregnancy test results. These include:

urinary tract infectioncancers that the ovary, bladder, kidney, liver, lung, colon, breast, and stomachkidney diseaseovarian cystspituitary concerns in peri-menopausal and also menopausal womentumors in the placenta cells"phantom hCG" (antibodies influence the check kit)8. Recent birth, abortion, or miscarriage

If you have recently given birth or shed a pregnancy due to miscarriage or abortion, you may still test hopeful for pregnant for up to 6 weeks. This false-positive pregnant test an outcome is as result of the continued presence that elevated level of the hCG hormone.

9. Menopause or post-menopause

While it may seem impossible, women who space going with menopause or have already gone with this hormonal readjust can have detectable level of hCG in your urine and blood. Even though ladies at this phase can"t acquire pregnant, castle can gain a false-positive pregnancy test result.

Medically reviewed by Karla Maguire, M.D., gynecologist and also obstetrician through the college of Miami wellness System. Composed by Dana Kantrowitz, contributor come UMiami health

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