Whether you’re trying to acquire pregnant or make the efforts not to get pregnant, understanding how our bodies work have the right to be hella confusing. Sometimes things that seem evident can be so not correct (no, a cock cannot touch the baby’s head while having sex) while other times, it transforms out transferring a little human can have some bizarre symptoms.

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So, on that subject, it’s probably worth knowing that having sex double in one night may, in fact, increase your chances of gaining pregnant.

New research run by Dr Da Li in ~ Shengjing University suggests that sperm developed in a 2nd ejaculation has a higher density that proteins, which rate up the sperm - making it more likely to fertilise an egg.


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The results, published in the journal Molecular & cellular Proteomics, also found that using sperm produced no an ext than 180 minutes after a guy last climaxed could boost IVF success rates.

During the study, researcher at the hospital tested 500 couples who were preparing because that IVF. The guys were inquiry to provide semen samples at various times ~ their an initial ejaculation.

The embryos to be implanted right into the women, through the results mirroring that those who had ejaculated within hours of the very first time were much more likely to fall pregnant.


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Until now, that had typically been advised the couples do the efforts to loss pregnant wait two days between having sex.

Dr Li said: “For years, men have actually usually been advised to limit sexual activity to increase the possibilities of pregnancy. However, it’s time to change our minds.

“Our data suggests couples with relatively normal semen parameters need to have regular sex approximately the ovulation period. This might make all the distinction to their efforts to begin a family.”

It is precious noting, however, that the study size of this task is small, and more research would be essential to confirm these findings. As it stands, the NHS still recommends “having sex every 2 to 3 days throughout the month” for those make the efforts to fall pregnant.

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