Have you gained a perm done, and you want to know if you can wash your hair without making use of shampoo and conditioner?

Do friend remember the vampire movies where the poor victims try to get away v a cross?

Well, I advise you additionally to continue to be away indigenous shampoos and also conditioners the an initial days, together if they to be a deadlier variation of Dracula.

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What is more, I recommend you to remain away, also from a few drops of rain.

To wet her hair after ~ a perm, you have to wait at the very least forty-eight hours. With or without shampoo and conditioner.

It’s the simple. If you don’t want to destroy your perm, you have to wait come wet your hair for two days.

Or don’t carry out it, and also risk that what happened the first time i did a perm additionally happens come you.

Do you desire me come tell you?

I walked the end of the salon completely amazed.

Finally, I had actually adorable, naughty curls in mine hair that relocated from one next to one more as if castle were complying with the valuation of a track that was inaudible to my ears.

Of course, there was one little detail.

I didn’t like the smell of mine hair.

I suspect it was from the odor of the chemical products used, one aroma the didn’t walk unnoticed come my sense of smell.

So, I determined to to wash my hair. I didn’t use shampoo or conditioner. Ns wet my hair to watch if the bothersome smell would certainly go away.

What a mistake!

When my hair dried, those adorable and fun curls looked prefer horrible waves. Castle weren’t also curls or waves or anything. Horrible.

But where had my curls gone?

Where was the perm, the on optimal of everything, I had actually spent a small fortune on?

Of course, currently it’s simple to say, “You shouldn’t have actually wet her head.”

But at the moment, i didn’t know.

That’s why, if you have recently done a perm, don’t execute anything the can damage it.


And so that you can understand better, I will certainly tell you:

Why you should wait to wet her hair v a perm for at least two job What space the best products to treatment for hair v a perm Advice so the your perm watch attractive and also splendid because that longer.

Why you should wait 2 days before wetting your hair with a perm


Now you understand that you should wait at the very least 48 hours before wetting your hair with a perm.

But we human beings are unique beings that constantly need to know the factor for things.

And I will tell you.

The reason you must wait the encourage time in between getting a perm and washing her hair is to enable the hair to totally adjust to the new wave patterns prior to doing anything the could affect them.

ns don’t know if you know, but the chemicals supplied in a perm break the herbal bonds in her hair come reform and generate brand-new forms: the curl. When your stylist beginning to job-related in her hair to gain a perm, lock will use a chemistry substance the breaks down your hair’s chemicals. Keratin is a protein that provides your hair the strength and type that it had before. When that is gone, a neutralizer is applied, choose hydrogen peroxide, to help the keratin in your hair it is in reconstructed about the rods, i beg your pardon is what pipeline your hair curly.

I recommend not washing her hair v shampoo, not also getting git wet during at least the an initial two days, since what division those binding that formed from the chemicals, modifying the elasticity of the hair.

The recommended waiting time is 48 hours to permit that the hair goes back to fully establishing itself, assuring the best and also longest-lasting results of your perm.

Wetting her hair, or also washing her hair through shampoo can cancel the end the curling process.

It’s just that. If girlfriend wash your permed hair before 48 hours, the water will certainly erase the chemical effects that should occur for the hair to come to be curly.

It’s something similar to if you perform a keratin treatment. If girlfriend wash her hair, goodbye straight hair. In this case, goodbye curls.

What space the best products to care for her permed hair

After that first time ns messed up mine perm, i did it again.

Of course, this time, i waited the blessed forty-eight hours to get my hair near water.

And, of course, i was happy through my curls.

They looked great, simply as lot when I went to bed as once I wake up up.

Of course, I also learned to care for my perm so that my curls looked divine.

Do you desire to know my secrets?

at least throughout the very first week after ~ doing the perm, i tried no to touch my curls. I left my hair down, and I didn’t tie it ago with clips or something else.

Because even the most simple hairstyles and simplest equipment for hair deserve to make your perm break and also transform in methods you don’t want.

nothing brush your hair. In ~ most, detangle her curls with your fingers, and if it is necessary, use a wide-toothed comb in the shower head after using the conditioner.
currently that you have actually the perm perfect in your hair, the time come look at the hair products you must use.

Try to prevent hair assets made through alcohol and also silicones because alcohol will easily dry the end your hair, leaving her perm fragile, frizzy, and ruined.

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Silicones, on their part, deserve to make permed hair watch greasy and also heavy. If friend can’t protect against these ingredients, at least look for products that have actually minimal concentrations.


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