Officially, you space not allowed to sign up with the armed forces if friend have any kind of kind of DUI conviction on her record. This is true for all branches that the united States equipped Forces. However, over there are situations where girlfriend may have the ability to join anyway.

There space several reasons why the armed forces does not take (most) recruits with DUIs:

The U.S. Military has actually a long legacy of excluding people with substance abuse problems. Return DUI does no necessarily imply an addiction, the two are typically associated and also are checked out in a similar light by army officials. individuals with DUIs ~ above their documents may have actually a suspended license or have an obstacle obtaining a license, i beg your pardon can impact suitability for military service. people with criminal records may have difficulty obtaining security clearances.

Because the this, there are longstanding rules that the military cannot hire any type of recruit with a DUI unless they obtain a waiver.

What counts as a DUI for armed forces service?

The military is much more strict than various other employers. Your DUI will count against you if:

friend were found guilty friend pleaded No contest to receive a diminished sentence

On the various other hand, a DUI will not count against you if:

you were found Not Guilty, or her conviction to be later completely reversed by an additional court decision (on appeal)

If your instance was dismissed, it could still be held versus you yet it may not be. You need to speak to your recruiter.

How perform I gain a waiver because that my DUI?

In the past, it was really common for recruits v DUIs to obtain approved because that waivers. In the current past, this was especially true throughout the Gulf war of the 1990s and also the buildup of troops for our work in Iraq and also Afghanistan after 9/11. While the need for troops does not guarantee that a DUI will be waived, it does make the armed forces much an ext flexible in that they accept.

Today, unfortunately, that situation has reversed. “Reduction in Force” programs (RIF) have actually gone into result to assist the army meet spending plan targets now that we have actually largely exited indigenous Afghanistan and Iraq. In various other words, the military has less require for troops and has rejected many waivers.

You room most most likely to gain your DUI waived if:

You have completed all elements of your sentence and probation your DUI is no a felony no one was hurt in her DUI

There is no hard and also fast rule, however. The finest thing you can do is speak to her recruiter about your DUI and ask lock what castle recommend. In some instances a recruiter will take increase your case and assist you gain your waiver approved. Remember, what girlfriend tell your recruiter around your DUI is confidential and also they can not share it. They space your ideal avenue to get your DUI waived.

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