I to be going to it is in 17 as soon as I graduate highschool in Colorado. I will certainly be going come college far from home. I execute not desire to wait until the new year starts and I perform not want to Iive in a dorm. Deserve to I move out after ns graduate and also live with my boyfriend? He will be 21 and I will be 17?

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Re: have the right to I relocate out at 17 in Colorado ?Hello,Thank you because that taking the time to create to us here at the nationwide Runaway Safeline.It sounds favor you arrangement on moving out of your parents’ residence right after you graduate high school and live v your boyfriend. We recognize the concept of living in a dorm can seem undesirable in contrast to living v a partner but we want you to know that we room not legal experts however we are not legal professionals nor room we affiliated through the police so we deserve to only speak generally around what might happen if a youth leaves home without the consent that a guardian. Because that anyone under the period of 18 the parents deserve to make a runaway report. Due to the fact that it’s only taken into consideration a condition offense and also not a crime to operation away, the only thing that would occur is that the police will certainly pick up the youth and bring them ago home. This is of food if lock had any kind of interaction v the police directly. If the youth is uncovered to it is in living with anyone rather the human being that they are staying with can be charged with harboring a runaway, which is a misdemeanor offense. You can find out an ext about how runaway’s reports are brought out by contacting your regional police department. We say this because depending ~ above the police district, the police department, the police officer their an answer may differ. Some officers may not take an attention in recognize a runaway that is therefore close to being 18. Then again there are some policemans who are real sticklers for complying with the rules to a T. Us have also heard in some states that once a youth graduates high school they space legally emancipated.If girlfriend would like we could contact your local non-emergency number for you or with you. Just provide us a call and one of our trained liners would certainly be happy to help you. 1-800-RUNAWAY

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Please mental you can reach us directly by calling ours 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.National Runaway Safeline (Crisis Email)1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)Tell us what girlfriend think around your experience!https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YourOpinionMattersToUs