Although the liquid bar video game printable is many fun you can take her party come a whole brand-new level through letting friend guest actually EAT the liquid bars. Division the group into teams. In advance, reduced several famed candy bars right into bite sized pieces. The thing of this liquid bar game is for the blindfolded human to guess: v the name of the candy bar by taste alone. No peeking and no hints allowed! every player just gets one guess: v so give them a small time come come up through the correct answer. If the blindfolded player guesses the liquid bar correctly, their team it s okay a point. The team v the many points at the finish of the game is the winner. And what carry out you give as prizes- why liquid bars!
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Posted on respectable 7, 2012 by Aunt Mo

Candy bar posters or cards are a fun means to recognize, wish an excellent luck, award or congratulate.  mine son obtained a liquid bar poster from his aunt and uncle the very first time he water skied. 


We usage a glue gun to glue the candy bars come poster board.  The sturdier the board the much easier the poster is to handle.  Be  small careful with cacao bars as they will certainly melt in hot weather.

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Candy Bar card Phrases

Below is a list of unit volume we’ve provided for our liquid bar cards:

Extra Gum:  You are Extra special.                     girlfriend did one Extra great job.

UP2U Gum":  that Up to You!

York: perhaps you’d prefer a expedition to New York.

Riesen:  remember that every little thing happens for a Riesen.               you’re the Riesen our family members shines.

Bit O Honey:  You’re my Bit O Honey

Mounds:  fine have Mounds that fun!

Look: It’s to be Mounds of hard work but Look how much you’ve come.

Smarties: You are such a Smartie!

Pay Day:  hope you acquire a 100 grand Payday.

Twix:  just be Twix you and also me…   

Skor:  ns hope you’ll Skor big with several presents on your birthday.    

Almond Joy: Your new baby will lug you Mounds that Joy. (Cross out words Almond)

Chunky:  If you eat all the candy on this poster you’ll gain Chunky.

Rocky Road: as soon as it’s a Rocky Road, skinny on me

100 Grand: You’re worth a 100 Grand!                    we wouldn’t profession you because that a 100 Grand!

PayDay:  us hope your Payday will be worth a 100 Grand!

take it 5: “You functioned so hard, Take 5               ”Take 5, You deserve a break!

  Uno:    Uno us love you!                say thanks to you for sharing what Uno v us!”

Airheads: You might be an Airhead but we think you’re great!

Red Hots: your performance was Red Hot!                  You‘ve to be in red hot pursuit…                

Big Hunk: You have a Big Hunk of Talent!                 Hey, Big Hunk!

Reeses Pieces: We just love you come Pieces!                          without your aid we would have fallen come Pieces!          

Whoppers:  you a Whopper that a coach.             

Milky Way: You room the brightest star (cross out burst) in the Milky Way! Starburst:

Sweetarts:  You’re together a sweetart.

Junior Mints/ Mentos:  we were Mint to be together!

Now and also Later:  We’ll always love you- Now and Later

Rock Pops: You completely ROCK!

Nerds:  even when you a Nerd we think you’re precious a 100 Grand.

Lifesavers:  you’re a Lifesaver!         

Crunch: Crunch the competition!      

If this delicious blog has actually made girlfriend hungry read around a funny candy bar game.   it’s a fun corresponding game that you deserve to personalize because that your household reunion or party.  because that instance:

Janie’s fiancé- “Big Hunk” Grandma- Hugs and Kisses Aunt Marilynn and also Aunt Marci- M & M’s Uncle Rick’s IQ- Zero

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Cousin parties or camps provide a great chance for every one of the cousins to spend time through each other and is a wonderful way for those long-distance cousins to get together with one another and nurture those relationships. The younger cousins start to look approximately the older ones and also the older ones take it on a safety nature.

The one point that appears to be necessary to the success that a cousins party or camp is that NO parents space allowed.  thanks to Lisa and also Annette for sharing the adhering to cousin party ideas.


Some of your cousin party traditional activities include: * a craft *play the candy bar video game *Decorate Grandma and also Grandpa’s Christmas tree *They go the end for pizza * They go to the theater, watch the dollar movie and also see Santa or stay home and also watch a movie if the party drops on a weekend the Santa is no visiting. *White elephant gift exchange – castle play the video game where girlfriend can pick a brand-new present or steal part one else’s * Sleep over for one night *They go to church – 2 aunts come before church and also have a beauty beauty shop to perform all the girl hair. *They have actually a family night lesson – provided by among the older children who come prepared. *They eat dinner and go residence Hint because that parents that the cousins- Grandma and also Grandpa room tired. Parental come ~ above time!


When everyone is tucked right into their resting bags in ~ night Grandpa speak stories till the cousins reluctantly loss asleep.

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Whether one afternoon, one night sleepover or a week lengthy camp think about planning a cousin’s party with your family.  the a fun method to have actually a family members reunion v the very best part of your family.

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Aunt Lynn has shared fun equivalent games in ~ our family members reunions and parties for years.  She has adapted the video game to fit numerous different reunion themes, baby showers, wedding showers and family history events. 


This is a fun video game to personalize for your family members reunion.  because that instance:

Janie’s fiancé- “Big Hunk” Grandma- Hugs and also Kisses Aunt Marilynn and also Aunt Marci- M & M’s Uncle Rick’s IQ- Zero

Here’s a generic variation of the game to gain you thinking:

1. Renowned swashbuckling trio that old – 3 Musketeers liquid bar 2. Cemetery – mounds candy bar 3. Galaxy – Milky method candy bar 4. The Red world – Mars Bars 5. Giggles- Snickers liquid bar 6. Bumpy ride- Rocky roadway candy bar 7. Klutz- Butterfingers 8. Famous author – O’Henry bar 9. Famed Homerun Hitter – infant Ruth liquid bar 10. Famed NYC street – fifth Avenue 11. Twin letter – M&Ms 12. Superman’s other identification – Clark Bar 13. A sweet sign of affection – Kisses 14. Favourite day because that working people – Payday liquid bar 15. What bees do – little o’ honey 16. Periodically you feel prefer a nut – Almond happiness candy bar 17. Pleasingly Plump – Chunky 18. 2 female pronoun – Hershey candy bar 19. Dad of teenage daughter- Bonkers 20. Solitary women’s dream  – Mr. Goodbar or large Hunk 21. Flotation gadgets – Life Savers candies 22. Sun Explosion – Starburst liquid 23. Crackling noise – Crunch bar 24. Determines that wins the video game – Skor Bar 25. Dry Cows – Milk Duds 26. Strength Nap- quick Break liquid bar 27. Kids- Runts 28. Money left after ~ you pay the bills- Zero candy bar

Aunt MO

“The just thing much better than a an excellent friend is a an excellent friend with a candy bar.”

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