So, I recently bought a cheap copy of Pokemon black of of eBay. I'm from Germany and so is my 3DS. It's an English speaking copy, yet with one ESRB logo, so i assume it's British, not American (although an ar should not play a role in this with all DS gamings being an ar free). It works fine on my old DS (phat) but my 3DS won't recognize the game. Can it be that I have actually fallen for a bootleged copy or is there any other factor why it would certainly not work?


ESRB is the American and also Canadian certification system, PEGI and also BBFC are used in Britain. However as for region locking, 'DSi enhanced' DS gamings are an ar locked, and this contains the fifth generation Pokemon games since they usage the DSi/3DS cameras. Friend will need to play it on her DS I'm afraid.

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Pokemon Black and White English versions are not regionlocked that I recognize of. Castle are also the only exception to the DSi-enhanced an ar locking the I know of - I understand for certain that the Japanese versions are locked (I haven't tested BW2 English versions yet). I have the right to confirm from personal experience that my Australian retail versions occupational on my American 3DS and DSi, and my friends have actually US versions working on their Australian consoles. This does no seem come be extensively known.

ESRB is us region. You're an ar locked. To buy a brand-new 3DS (US region) or sell the Pokemon game. I don't see the point in having both US and also Euro systems anyway, considering that compared to Japan we gain dicked end in somewhat equal fashion anyway.

Very roughly:

ESRB = Camerimexico region CERO = Japan an ar PEGI/whatever = Euraustralia Region

The "Euraustralia" continent covers all of Europe and Australia. They're the very same region, therefore you can import between European countries. Very same for Canada, America, and also Mexico.

For the record: DS games? region free. DSi? region locked. Games that take benefit of DSi attributes ARE DSi games, even if they work on a DS.

Bootleg copies actually would work-related here. Cartridge authentication is less complicated to break than software authenticity verification.

Pokemon Black and also White English versions room not regionlocked that I recognize of. Castle are additionally the only exemption to the DSi-enhanced region locking the I recognize of (BW2 might be the same, but I haven't yet opened up my copies) - I know for sure that the Japanese versions space locked. I deserve to confirm from an individual experience that my Australian retail versions occupational on my American 3DS and also DSi, and my friends have US versions working on their Australian consoles. This does not seem come be commonly known.

Bootleg duplicates of DS games won't work-related on DSi/3DS. I can also confirm this from an individual experience.

It has an ESRB logo, which makes it American. Is the situation the slim black case or the thick white/translucent one? If the latter, then it's a bootleg and also this is the reason it doesn't work. (If it has actually a black color case, the doesn't average it's no a bootleg, but it is an easy and common means to phone call - many DS bootlegs use white instances with American ratings, which never occurs at retail).

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The various other two repliers stated that this video game is region locked. Many DSi-enhanced gamings are regionlocked ~ above 3DS/DSi. Come the ideal of my expertise Black and White English versions space NOT, and they space the just exceptions the I understand of - the Japanese versions absolutely are. I have actually PAL versions playing on mine NTSC DSi and also 3DS, and I have friends who play united state versions on your Australian 3DSes. This is miscellaneous that's pretty extensively unknown.