Sperm freezing offers countless benefits, consisting of the versatility to begin a family members later in life and also being prepared with a back-up plan. Cryopreservation of sperm is growing in popularity for these reasons and more. Numerous who have actually just been presented to the idea will wonder: have the right to you freeze sperm in ~ home? does it require a devoted lab, or will your home freezer work?

While freeze sperm at house seems an easy enough, you certainly don"t want to take possibilities with the DIY route. Check out on to learn why freeze sperm at home in your freezer isn"t possible, and to learn around an affordable different method.

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You can’t freeze your sperm in a family freezer, together the procedure requires a special lab and liquid nitrogen storage tanks.Mail-in sperm freeze kits sell the alternative to cryopreserve your sperm there is no visiting a fertility clinic or sperm bank.At-home sperm freeze offers more privacy, comfort, and convenience, plus more affordable storage fees.

Can i freeze my sperm in a family members freezer?

Although sperm freezing seems as basic as creating a sample and also sticking that in a freezer, there"s much more to it than that. Let’s review the procedure of sperm freeze to know why sperm freeze in a household freezer isn’t an option.

The process of sperm freezing

When who chooses come freeze their sperm, lock will produce a semen sample via masturbation. The an initial step in the procedure is a semen analysis. This ensures the you are freezing healthy, viable sperm, rather of a sample that doesn"t have a solid chance of surviving or developing a pregnancy. Throughout a semen analysis, a rap scientist will examine your sperm sample to watch if your sperm count/concentration (how plenty of sperm), motility (how sperm room moving), or morphology (how sperm space shaped) space abnormal.

Learn an ext about sperm testing.

Another crucial step in the sperm freezing process is a post-thaw analysis. During a post-thaw analysis, a small section of her sample is frozen and then thawed — come replicate the conditions your sperm will experience in the future — and also then analyzed to recognize how plenty of sperm survived. The post-thaw analysis is the best indicator because that how many sperm will be viable and motile as soon as you are all set to usage your frozen sample.


Before gift frozen, sperm should be “washed,” a term for preparing the by removed the plasma that the semen and any contaminants. This procedure requires details laboratory solutions and a centrifuge, a maker that quickly spins samples to different the sperm from the remainder of the seminal fluid.

Sperm should be kept in fluid nitrogen at -196ºC in stimulate to be viable in the future. Then, they must be kept stored at -196ºC — the temperature at which all biological task pauses — continually in order to maintain their viability. At higher temperatures without deliver media, sperm will certainly die in a matter of hrs to days.

This is accomplished at a cryostorage facility v the use of huge liquid nitrogen tanks. The average family members freezer isn"t may be to develop anywhere close to as low together the forced temperature for sperm storage.

Once you know the process of sperm cryopreservation and storage, it"s for sure to speak you’ll know why sperm freeze is not something that deserve to be accomplished with a freezer at home.

The right way to frozen sperm at home

Although girlfriend can’t usage your household freezer come freeze her sperm, visiting a fertility clinic or sperm financial institution isn"t your only option because that cryopreservation. Freezing sperm at residence with a heritage at-home sperm freeze kit permits for privacy, discretion, and far-reaching savings.

With a legacy kit, you can create a sample indigenous the lull of your very own home and overnight the sample come a lab. There, fine analyze, process, and store her sperm because that as long as you need.


What walk the at-home sperm freezing procedure look choose with Legacy?

If you don"t want to visit a fertility clinic or room seeking a an ext affordable alternative for sperm cryopreservation, then an at-home sperm freeze kit is a an excellent option. You have the right to receive a full sperm analysis, personalized recommendations, telehealth solutions with a fertility specialist, and secure warehouse — all without ever leaving your home. 

It"s encourage that before you freeze her sperm, you have actually blood job-related done to screen for contagious diseases, including STIs. This is so your sample have the right to be supplied in a laboratory that needs this screening, if necessary.

The first step to freezing sperm with legacy is to order an at-home sperm freeze kit. You’ll be mailed a kit that comes through a secure storage vessel to defend your sample during shipment, and also a move media to keep your sample viable throughout overnight shipping.

Legacy’s kits permit you to produce a semen sample in the lull of your very own home. This is much more private and less uncomfortable for many than the classic process: making an appointment, sitting in a wait room, and also then creating a sample sample in a stark, clinical repertoire room.

When girlfriend order one at-home sperm freezing kit v Legacy, the comes v a clinic-grade sperm analysis and personalized references to improve your fertility. Girlfriend can choose plans that include telehealth services, sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, and more.

Sperm samples frozen with tradition are retained in “multi-site storage,” an interpretation that lock are sent out to multiple locations to mitigate any kind of risk (however small). The cost of yearly multi-site cryogenic storage with legacy is as low together $20 per sample — a portion of the cost you"d intend with a fertility clinic or sperm bank, which deserve to be upwards the $500 every year.See her sperm testing and also freezing options.

Sperm freezing success rates

A current study shows that frozen sperm functions just and also fresh sperm because that in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

When a frozen semen sample is thawed, roughly 50–75% of the sperm survives. If the semen sample was high quality and healthy, this need to still give you a good chance of achieving pregnancy with an insemination. Healthy semen samples have actually sperm counts ranging from 15 million to 200 million or more sperm every milliliter of semen, v 40% motility or higher. Semen samples v over 8 million complete motile sperm count execute most effectively in IUI.

The number of sperm samples you should freeze counts on both your sperm health and your family planning goals. Because that example, if you space planning because that intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a solitary ejaculate sample — or about 4 vials of frozen sperm — may suffice. But with IUI, whereby success prices are lower, 3–5 vials that sperm is recommended per pregnancy you hope to have. If you"re unsure about the lot of sperm you should freeze, it"s finest to speak v a fertility specialist.


Who should take into consideration sperm freezing and also why?

There are world who may take into consideration freezing their sperm. This includes:

People who occupational in high-risk job or environments, such as welding, plastic production, or radiology.Those considering a vasectomy who still want options.Anyone that wants tranquility of mind about their fertility.

While this list isn"t comprehensive, it highlights some of the main reasons why someone would desire to freeze their sperm. Sperm freezing offers you with an ext options, flexibility, and control over your fertility.

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Historically, cryopreservation of sperm has not constantly been attainable for all due to availability of fertility clinics in particular geographic locations and the high costs. Thankfully, at-home kits have made sperm freezing convenient and also affordable. If you room interested in sperm freezing, you can ensure your tradition today by ordering the right at-home sperm freeze kit because that you.