A co-worker and I are having actually a disagreement on whether or not it"s it s okay to placed unopened cans of pizza sauce in a refrigerator. I say it"s not, since the acidity in the tomatoes in the deserve to will do someone very ill. He think as long as that is not opened, it will certainly be fine. Who is correct?



There"s nothing wrong v storing unopened steel cans in the refrigerator. But it"s meaningless in terms of food safety and security - the whole point of canning is to do the food for sure to keep at room temperature. Don"t waste the fridge room unless you"re in reality trying to chill the contents of the cans.

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Now, if the cans are open, sure, that"s a problem. You should transfer the food to a sealed container because that storage, even if it is it come from a have the right to or a pot or all over else.

But none of this has actually anything to do with acidity. Acidity doesn"t do you sick, and also in fact, it can aid keep bacteria from growing and also keep food safer. That"s why a many canned goods have a little bit of acid added, and why us pickle foods.


I ended up right here as the result of a search.. I want to placed unopened cans of fruit cocktail in the fridge because I don't like warm fruit in my cold cottage cheese. It's not "POINTLESS" just since you don't get it.
I see no reason why closed can be ~ should have actually a higher risk of bring about the tomatoes to become acidic. As soon as closed the only distinction is, that there is no (to really little) oxygen. This is actually what reasons your assets to critical longer. And the United states Department of farming states that canned food deserve to be stored in the fridge when opened, therefore it should be for sure to store it in the fridge as soon as closed.

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The only distinction I am aware of with closed can be ~ is the botulism bacteria, which likes come live in anaerobic environments, where it can create a deadly toxin. Refrigerating assets usually slows under the spread of bacteria, therefore if anything placing the cans in the freezer helps to alleviate the threat of a botulism poisoning.


Of course there"s no risk. Can be ~ are generally stored in warehouses with no heater (and more than likely no manage of the upper temperature limit as well) for long periods


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