We have actually a the majority of leftover paint from our miscellaneous remodelling efforts. We like to store it roughly for touchup, nail pops, ect. The thing is, the paint cans have drips almost everywhere them, several of them don"t close up door tight, they"re heavy, unweildy, and generally just 1/5 complete anyways. So i was htinking of ggetting some airtight clean plastic containers to hold the repaint in. Clear, for this reason I could see what color the paint is, and also plastic, cause it"s cheap. However, I;m reasoning there need to be some reason this can;t work, or there would certainly be leftover plastic paint containers because that sale at home Depot.So deserve to I perform this? (The paint is every latex based, no oil) and also if so, any type of links come a place selling cheap plastic containers?

Latex paint can absolutely be stored in plastic. Heck, most 5 gallon containers the latex being sold today space plastic.

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Funny, it is what i was making use of -- View picture here: http://episteme.gaianation.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif --Thanks all!

The factor you don"t have actually paint in plastic at most house depot form stores is because of the code demands for storage of flammability liquids. Most latex repaint isn"t really combustible but the steel cans space still offered to plants don"t need to switch lines every the time.

I"ve noticed fairly a few of the "metal" cans are just acting together "can warmers" of sorts, merely cylinders of metal wrapped approximately a plastic container.

Err...paint come in plastic cans...Or at the very least 95% of it right here in the UK does, only the nasty solvent based ones prefer Hammerite quiet come in steel tins.

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